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Leah Wilson
Hello I’m Leah Wilson and I’m a basic white girl. I always have my coffee in

the morning, and I’m on Netflix at night. Don’t get me started on my expansive

collection of Ugg boots, but besides all that I’m actually an interesting person. I’m a

15 year old girl; I golf, swim, and I absolutely love to read and write. I’m a little bit of

a nerd, but most people don’t know that. I always give 110% of my effort, and I am

very determined and driven… Until I get on my laptop and get lost in Netflix. I am a

total pet lover; I have three dogs and a fish. My fish is named Abercrombie, yes I

know basic. I’m business editor for the newspaper with my co-editor Leah Doyle. I

love to write, because when I read I’m transported to another world and I hope to

make people feel the same when they read my work. Looking towards the future, I

know I want to write in whatever I do. Fashion writing interests me along with

journalism. I definitely plan on going to college. I’m also a die hard Longhorns fan

and UT seems like a great college for me. I know God has big plans for me, so as of

right now I’m enjoying life as a sophomore.

Leah Wilson, Reporter

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Leah Wilson