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Mariah Prendergast

Mariah Prendergast, Reporter

I am a senior here at the high school, and this is my first full year here in Waukee. Before this, I lived in San Diego, California; before that, Castle Rock, Colorado. I am very academically-oriented, so I place a lot of focus on keeping my grades up.

Outside of school, I don't have terribly many hobbies, though I enjoy rock climbing and kickboxing, watching movies, and communicating with my various long-distance friends and family members-- those I've accumulated over the years of moving around-- through Facebook and Skype.

I joined publications initially because of my aspiration to have a successful career in journalism as an adult. However, my aspirations have changed some, and I now am more interested in becoming an editor at a publishing company.

Watch my staff video here!

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Mariah Prendergast