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Samuel Cox
My name is Sam Cox, but most people around the school know me as “Coxy” or just “Cox”.  I am a senior at Waukee High School

and this is my first year in Publications. There really isn’t that much worth knowing about me so I’ll keep this sweet and simple.

The one thing in life that I am most passionate about and love just as much as my family and friends are movies. Movies are such

an incredible form of art and entertainment. The possibilities in movies are endless and I hope to pursue this passion once I

graduate. Through this class I have discovered a new passion of mine in journalism. I may be a co-editor for the web, and I hope

to help make this website the best it can possibly be, but I also hope to continue putting out content that people would be

interested in and make an impact. Journalism is another passion that I wouldn't mind pursuing in my future. Other than that I

am a diehard Iowa Hawkeye and New England Patriots fan. That's about it. Some high school students see senior year as a year to

take it easy but I'm going to work hard and try to do some great things.

Samuel Cox, Editor/Reporter

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