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Genesis Ramos
I literally tried everything, sports such as tennis, softball, basketball etc. I thought I could get into baking but I knew that wasn’t what I wanted to do in the future. But finally in my first year in High School I knew exactly what I was meant  to do, and it involved Fashion. It started off when I took Fashion Construction my Sophomore year, It was the first time ever that I had sewn my own clothing. I have had a love for clothing, and especially shopping. You can find me at the Jordan Creek mall on the weekends, living 5 minutes away doesn’t help my cause either. I’m not the type of person that spends a lot of money on a single garment, I always make sure I’m getting the best deals, so making my own clothing not only saves me money but is a way that I love to spend my time. Even though it does stress me out at times, I do take a breather and do something else that I love like Writing. Writing is a way of expressing myself through paper and fashion is also a way I express Myself through what I make. It's crazy how in a short amount of time I found what I wanted to do when I go off to for college, I hope to combine my passion for fashion (cliche I know) and my love for writing into what I want to study. And I also want to be on Project Runway and meet Hedi Klum and Zac Posen. Some of my Favorites Food: French Fries Store: Forever 21 or Pacsun ( can't choose one) Color: Navy Blue Music: I have a wide variety of taste Movie: Best of Me or any Marvel movie Hobbie: Sewing and Writing :) TV Show: Project Runway

Genesis Ramos, Reporter

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