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2016-2017 Staff

Allison Baty

My name is Allison Baty and this is my second year of publications. I enjoy art, travel, and reading. I am very excited to be a Senior reporter for The Arrowhead this year! Yo...

Emma Lyon

3rd year senior reporter    

Emma Kern

I am a junior who loves art and design! I look forward to my first year in Publications and can't wait to learn tips and tricks for the future! You can contact me at [email protected]

Andrew Tobey

My name is Andrew Tobey, and I am a senior reporter. I also enjoy photography. Contact: [email protected]  

Olivia Gagnon

My name is Olivia Gagnon, and I am the Co-Editor of the print edition of The Arrowhead. I am currently a junior here at Waukee High School. I am originally from New England, an...

Dana Aguilar

My name is Dana Aguilar, and I am the Web Editor for the Waukee Arrowhead. This is my third year in Publications and I couldn’t be more excited! Feel free to email me at [email protected],...

Powell Hauber

Hi my name is Powell. I am a Sophomore reporter and I love art. If you ever need my info you can email me at [email protected] or (515)867-6452...

Gaby Shepard

My name is Gaby Shepard, I am a senior, and this is my third year in Publications. I am one of the yearbook editors and work solely on yearbook projects in publications. Co...

Megan Groathouse

My name is Megan Groathouse, and I am a reporter for the Waukee Arrowhead. In my free time I participate in Track and Cross Country, and as a Sophmore I am excited to start working...

Miranda Boyle

My name is Miranda Boyle and I am a sophomore. I am interested in sports; I play soccer, basketball, and I run cross country and track.

Damion Wallace

I'm Damion Wallace Jr and I'm a reporter with the Waukee Arrowhead. I am a senior.

Amelia Roberts

My name is Amelia Roberts, I am a senior. I am looking forward to improving writing and photography skills. Contact Information: [email protected]  ...

Erin Crone

My name is Erin Crone, I am a first year reporter and you can contact me at [email protected]

Cameron Wolff

Hi, my name is Cameron Wolff! I am originally from Florida, then spent some time in Kansas, and wound up here in Waukee! I am a senior this year, and I enjoy theater activities,...

Averi Baudler

I'm Averi Baudler and I'm very excited to join the Arrowhead staff as a first time reporter in my senior year! I love all things choir and music and also participate in Student...

Ethan Adato

My name is Ethan Adato and I'm a 17 year old senior at WHS. My free time is spent playing guitar and ukulele and long boarding. I love rock music and soccer. I've been accepted...

Maddie Huntley

3rd year reporter, senior. I am the Publisher of The Arrowhead and The Echo.

Ana Hernandez

Hi, I’m Ana Hernandez and I am co-editor of the print version of The Arrowhead. Contact me at [email protected]

Kaitlyn Redman

I am thrilled to take over The Waukee Arrowhead publication for the 2016/2017 school year; the newspaper has presented new and incredible opportunities for myself as a writer...

Grace Culbertson

Hey there! Thanks for taking a look at the Arrowhead:) My name is Grace Culbertson, and I am currently a senior here at Waukee High School.  After two years of being a reporter...

Andi Munford

Hello, I’m Andi Munford and this is my second year in Publications and first year as the Web Editor. Contact me at: [email protected]

Leah Doyle

Welcome to our website! I am Leah Doyle, and I am a senior at Waukee High School. This is my third year in Publications, and my third year as a Business Editor. I organize and...

Kent Peterson

I have the privilege of coaching and encouraging Waukee journalism students. I worked 12 years as a reporter, producer and photographer at KCCI-TV. Mine is a front row seat as s...

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