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2017-2018 Staff

Macy Kennedy


Hey! I name is Macy Kennedy. I'm a sophomore at Waukee high school. I'm on the football cheer squad and the Waukee competition cheer squad. I love to write and spend time with...

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Stephen Holko


Hello! My name is Stephen Holko and I write for the Waukee Arrowhead as well as the yearbook, well actually you don't really write for the yearbook, but you get what I mean. Anyway,...

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Lydia Shelton


I'm Lydia Shelton, I'm a sophomore, and once upon a time I accidentally kicked a staffer in the face during a dance party. Contact: [email protected] ...

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Nancy Tran


Hello! My name is Nancy Tran and I'm a sophomore. I love art and music! You can contact me at [email protected]   (I'm the staffer Lydia kicked in the face at a dance party.)...

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CJ Rogers


Hi, my name is C.J. I'm a sophomore, and you can contact me at [email protected]

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Marissa Garton


Hi I am Marissa Garton, this is my first year in publications and so far it is my favorite class! I really enjoy to write and the fact that we get to basically pick our own topic...

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Haven Lackey


Hey! My name is Haven Lackey and I am a junior this year. I like the color green and coffee!

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Abby Benson


My name is Abby Benson, I am a junior here at Waukee High School. I’m a publications staffer and help work on both the yearbook and newspaper for the school. I enjoy cross c...

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Lauren Chambers


Hello! My name is Lauren, and I'm a sophomore. You can get a hold of me at [email protected]!

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Kat Lewallen


Hi, I'm Kat! I'm all about smiles, student voice and Pal PE!

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Kaitlyn Harris


Hi I’m Kaitlyn! My biggest hobbies include Best Buddies where I am the president this year of our chapter, and working with children. In publications, I really enjoy relating...

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Josh Wente


They call me The Fish Guy, I am the Fish Guy. I have a very important skill. I can tell you anything about fish, that’s it though.

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Felicia Williams

Web Editor

My name is Felicia Williams. I'm a sophomore, and I'm this year's web editor for publications. I look forward to expanding the website and working on the Arrowhead with the rest...

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Evan Phillips


Hi. I'm Evan, and I'm a sophomore. If you need to contact me, my email is [email protected]!

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Claire Petersen


My name is Claire Petersen and I’m a Junior at Waukee. I own a horse named Merlin and compete in showjumping with him. I’m a glass half full kind of person. A fun fact about...

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Bowen Siberz


Hi! im Bowen Siberz!! My hobbies include playing sports and theater arts. I enjoy running and reading as much as possible. im incredibly passionate about school and my favorite...

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Ben Joridson


My name is Ben Jordison and I am a Junior here at Waukee. I enjoy taking pictures and making videos, as well as writing.

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Aliya Warth


Hi my name is Aliya Warth, I'm a sophomore. I really like writing and photography. My favorite articles to write are opinion pieces because I have very strong opinions on almost...

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Adison Koester


I love to spend time with my friends and family and being social!! Contact: [email protected]

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Allison Baty


My name is Allison Baty and this is my second year of publications. I enjoy art, travel, and reading. I am very excited to be a Senior reporter for The Arrowhead this year! Yo...

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Zoe Lenart


Hi, I’m Zoe and this is my first year in publications. You can email me at [email protected]

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Andrew Tobey


My name is Andrew Tobey, and I am a junior reporter. I also enjoy photography. Contact: [email protected]

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Gaby Shepard


My name is Gaby Shepard, I am a junior, and this is my second year as a Publications staffer. I am the yearbook business manager and work solely on yearbook projects in publications. Contact...

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Amelia Roberts


My name is Amelia Roberts, I am a sophomore. I am looking on improving writing and photography skills. Contact Information:[email protected]

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Alena Gamble


Hi, I’m Alena Gamble and I’m a junior staffer in Publications. You can contact me via [email protected]

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