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2018-2019 Staff

Katie Ogden

Web Editor

Hello! I am Katie, and I have been with the Arrowhead since August of 2018. My passions lie in design, videography, and connecting with other people! One day I hope to earn...

Dana Aguilar

Web Editor

My name is Dana Aguilar, and I am the Web Editor for the Waukee Arrowhead. This is my third year in Publications and I couldn’t be more excited! Feel free to email me at [email protected],...

Felicia Williams

Print Editor

My name is Felicia Williams. I'm a junior, and I'm this year's print editor for publications. I look forward to working on the Arrowhead with the rest of the class. You can contact...

Claire Petersen

Yearbook Editor

My name is Claire Petersen and I’m a senior at Waukee, and one of the yearbook editors. I own a horse named Merlin and compete in showjumping with him. I’m a glass half fu...

Gaby Shepard

Yearbook Editor

My name is Gaby Shepard, I am a senior, and this is my third year in Publications. I am one of the yearbook editors and work solely on yearbook projects in publications. Co...

Kent Peterson


I have the privilege of coaching and encouraging Waukee journalism students. I worked 12 years as a reporter, producer and photographer at KCCI-TV. Mine is a front row seat as s...

Amelia Roberts


My name is Amelia Roberts, I am a senior. I am looking forward to improving writing and photography skills. Contact Information: [email protected]  ...

Andrew Tobey


My name is Andrew Tobey, and I am a senior reporter. I also enjoy photography. Contact: [email protected]  

Aubrey Mahoney


Hey! My name is Aubrey Mahoney and this is my first year being a part of Publications! I love writing, photography, and making videos! Thanks for checking our website out!...

Ben Jordison


My name is Ben Jordison and I am a senior here at Waukee. I enjoy taking pictures and making videos, as well as writing.

Bri Wills


Erin Hollar


Hey! My name is Erin Hollar. I am so excited to be part of Publications this year. This is my second year taking the class, and I am currently a sophomore. Take a second and lo...

Gabe Tripp


Hi I’m Gabe Tripp, I’m a junior, I hope you enjoy the Arrowhead newspaper and our website.

Hailey Oswald


Welcome to the Arrowhead! My name is Hailey Oswald, and I am currently a junior at Waukee High School. This is my first year as a reporter for the Arrowhead and I am very excited...

Jacob Goyke


Hey, thanks for taking a look at the Arrowhead! My name is Jacob “Cobb” Goyke, and I am currently a senior at Waukee High School. This is my first year working on the Arrow...

Jenny Bedenbender


Hi! My name is Jenny Bedenbender. I am a junior and this is my first year with the Arrowhead. You can email me at [email protected]

Keegan Pickering


Hello, my name is Keegan Pickering. They call me The Pick. I am a junior, and this is my second year in Publications. You can contact me at [email protected]

Marissa Garton


Hi I am Marissa Garton, this is my second year in publications and so far it is my favorite class! I really enjoy to write and the fact that we get to basically pick our own t...

Rashed Alsharqi


Hi my name is Rashed Alsharqi. I’m a senior and a three year publications veteran. You can get in contact with me through my email: [email protected]

Stephanie Diaz


Hello, my name is Stephanie Diaz and I’m currently a sophomore. I love watching sports and horror movies. My dream is to attend UCLA. #gobruins...

Stephen Holko


Hello! My name is Stephen Holko and I write for the Waukee Arrowhead as well as the yearbook, well actually you don't really write for the yearbook, but you get what I mean. Anyway...

Evan Phillips


Hi. I'm Evan, and I'm a junior. If you need to contact me, my email is [email protected]!

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