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Do You have Ebola?

Do You have Ebola?
November 21, 2014

Ebola. That one word has become more powerful than a missile. Fear has become as widespread as the virus that started in a bat native to West Africa, and is now quickly making its way around the globe. The...

Hero to Murderer: Oscar Pistorius

Hero to Murderer: Oscar Pistorius
November 18, 2014

The story of Paralympic, award-winning athlete Oscar Pistorius is the classic tale of a star’s rise and fall from fame. A year after running and winning a gold medal in the 2012 Olympic Summer Games,...

Waukee CAPS: The Game Changer

Lieutenant Governor of Iowa Kim Reynolds with Waukee CAPS students.
October 29, 2014

Waukee celebrated the successful launch of the Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) on Tuesday, October 21st. Business professionals and educational leaders noted that the Waukee CAPS program...

Stress & High School Students

Waukee students attentively working on projects. 
Photo Credit: Vivian Le
October 2, 2014

According to surveys conducted by The American Psychological Association, high school students have more stress than the average adult. Several students at Waukee High School have claimed that academic...

Peace One Day

Jeremy Gilley
October 2, 2014

Waukee High School walls have been plastered with many different posters. From cheerleaders’ spirit posters to informative signs, the walls are never bare. Recently, “Peace Day” signs were posted,...

The Origins of ISIS

ISIS terrorists with seized American-made tanks and weapons. Photo from
October 1, 2014

The world is beginning to turn into a warzone. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS (also known as ISIL), has become a dominant worldwide issue. ISIS has declared itself The Islamic State, not...

iPhone Takeover

iPhone Takeover
September 25, 2014

As one of the top leaders in technology Apple has been influencing the world since 1976 due to, Steve Jobs and Steve Woziak. Apple has influenced all of Waukee. Residents can barely go ten...

Help out the McDonald Family

September 23, 2014

Recently, a member of the Waukee family was in a car accident. Natalie McDonald, wife of Marty McDonald, was critically injured in an accident. Many have asked how they can assist the McDonald family. A...

Brandon Ellingson: Incomplete Trip

September 2, 2014

Tragedy struck the family of Brandon Ellingson May 31st when their son drowned in Lake of the Ozarks while in police custody. A successful, talented young man, Brandon Ellingson of Clive, Iowa was...

Iowa Legislature Legalizes Medical Marijuana Oil

The legalization of cannabis oil derived from marijuana may spread to Iowa in the near future.
May 1, 2014

Breaking news erupted for Iowans early Thursday morning. The Iowa House finally passed the bill legalizing the use of cannabis around 3:30 am. This new addition to Iowa life may create relief and...

IT Olympic Victories

The game-design subdivision of the Waukee chapter of Hyperstream accepts the first-place trophy. The team prepared for many months, getting ready for this competition. Photo courtesy of Waukee Hyperstream.
April 29, 2014

When it comes to computer skills and other forms of technological prowess, the members of Hyperstream deserve a lot of credit. From the general meetings in which they experiment with and practice developing...

Must Be the Money

Must Be the Money
April 21, 2014

  The world revolves around money- this is the undeniable truth. You need cash to feed you family, provide shelter, and make a place for yourself in society. Wealth allows people to go to college...

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