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Welcome to The Waukee Arrowhead Website! Here you will find all of the content that our 26 wonderfully talented staff members have produced. Seven out of this group make up the editorial team, who lead the class along with our advisor, Kent Peterson. I, Felicia Williams, run The Arrowhead’s online platform, while Grace Culbertson produces our monthly paper. Our yearbook editor, Allison Baty, works to produce our 2017-2018 yearbook. Overseeing both sides is the publisher, Maddie Huntley. Together, our goal is to spotlight the stories both inside of our community and out, creating quality pieces that fulfill our responsibilities as  student journalists. Thanks for checking out The Arrowhead and feel free to shoot us an email!

Grace Culbertson || Newspaper Editor

Felicia Williams || Web Editor

Maddie Huntley || Publisher

Allison Baty || Yearbook Editor

[email protected]

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About Us