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Welcome to the official Waukee Arrowhead website! Here you will find content created by the talented publications staff. This class takes the responsibility of the yearbook, monthly Arrowhead, and many other student led projects. Our class is lead by Matthew Blumberg, with assistance from the student editors. The print editor, Gracie Kayko, leads the Arrowhead making sure it’s put together well and properly. Serenity Lo and Audra Wilkinson tag team producing and managing the 2020-2021 yearbook. And lastly, Taryn Neal, who runs The Arrowhead website, what you are currently browsing right now! Together, we strive for a great school year with quality content put out for everyone to enjoy!


Grace Kayko || Print Editor

Taryn Neal || Web Editor

Serenity Lo || Yearbook Editor

Audra Wilkinson || Yearbook Editor

Matt Blumberg || Advisor


Any Questions? Contact us!

[email protected]


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About Us