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Iowa’s New Governor

January 4, 2017

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has been appointed to be the new ambassador to China. Branstad is well suited for the position considering he has met with Chinese officials several times in the past. Iowa also exports large amounts of pork and corn to China. With Branstad heading off to China, Iowa is about to get a brand new governor.

Kim Reynolds, currently Lieutenant Governor of Iowa, is due to become the new Governor. She has very ambitious goals for the state. According to her official website, her goals are to create 200,000+ jobs in Iowa, reduce cost of government by 15% and create a 25% increase in family income. She also aims to create the #1 school in the nation.

Reynolds is also a huge advocate for the controversial STEM program which increases science, technology, engineering and math in schools at the cost of english, history courses as well as fine arts such as chorus and band. Reynolds has done a lot of work to push STEM forward. In fact, she was the co chair of the Governor’s STEM Advisory Board.

Reynolds’ does not have the highest education although she has substantial political experience . According to the Des Moines Register, Reynolds got her first college degree in 2016 at Iowa State University. She received a bachelor degree in liberal arts with concentrations in political science, business management, and communications. According to votesmart.org, Reynolds’ previous political experience consists of positions as Lieutenant Governor of Iowa from 2010-present, secretary for the republican national convention in 2012, and a senator in the Iowa state senate from 2008-2010.

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