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Carlie Littlefield Scores 1,000 Points

December 8, 2016

On Tuesday night, during the girls basketball game against the East Scarlets, senior Carlie Littlefield dribbled
down the floor on a fast break and easily swished a pull-up jumper, securing her 13th and 14th points of the game. To many in the crowd, this shot was nothing out of the ordinary. Littlefield, who averaged 16.7 points per game last season and has been a Varsity player since her freshmen year, is no stranger to personally scoring well into the double digits for her team. However, this shot in particular a huge milestone for Littlefield, earning her the accomplishment of scoring 1,000 points in a high school career.

It wasn’t until the third quarter that Littlefield sunk the shot that caused many in the stands to get on their feet and cheer. Some of her teammates’ parents knew that Littlefield would mostly likely reach 1,000 points during the game and were prepared for the shot with signs and chants. “I heard the parents and my teammates start cheering for me, which made me so thankful to have such a great support system and great teammates who celebrate one another,” Littlefield shared.

Littlefield is now one of the three Waukee girls basketball players to ever reach this feat, joining Staci Gillum (‘08) and Riley Jacobson (‘16). “At the high school level it is more common [to reach 1,000 points] than it is at the collegiate level, but it’s still an accomplishment to be proud of,” Littlefield said. While other players in the state may aim to score 1,000 points before they graduate, Littlefield possessed a team-oriented mindset and the rest seemed to come naturally. “It hasn’t been something that I’ve set my mind on, but I knew it could be a possibility,” Littlefield explained, “My goal has always been to help the team win in whatever way possible, which has always been more important than stats.”

Littlefield doesn’t plan on slowing down with basketball any time soon. She plans to play at Princeton University in New Jersey next year. “I am very excited to play in college because, at the next level, the game is faster and more challenging, so I’m looking forward to testing myself and getting better,” Littlefield said. She also realizes that for most, sports careers end when high school does. “Not very many get the chance to play the sport that they love at the next level, so I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity.” For those who one day wish to reach the same feat of scoring 1,000 points, Littlefield shared a few words of wisdom.  “Don’t get too caught up in it: focus on contributing to the team and being a good teammate, and the points will take care of themselves. And don’t be afraid of hard work!”


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  1. David and Tina pastwa on December 9th, 2016 11:37 PM

    Carly we are so proud of you at what you have done not just on the floor playing basketball but as a leader. Congratulations and best of luck in all you do. God has truly blessed you .

    Dave and Tina Pastwa


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