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Christmas Season: The Sooner the Merrier?

November 10, 2016

Super heros, monsters, and pop stars were just recently roaming the streets in search of candy to satisfy their sweet tooth a few weekends ago, and finally– Halloween is over. Not only does the day after Halloween signify mass amounts of candy on sale and the absence of annoying dancing pumpkins on my twitter feed, but it marks the start of the holiday season.


Although most Americans refer to November through December as the ‘Holiday Season’ everyone knows that it really means Christmas Season. Each year, Christmas ads and themed store displays pop up earlier and earlier, desperately waiting for the season of ghouls and candy to end so that advertisements can launch candy canes in our faces and scream ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ in our ears.

For some people, any mention of Christmas before Thanksgiving break puts an annoyed look on their face and earns a rant on how businesses are ruining the holiday spirit by marketing so early. I, on the other hand, absolutely love Christmas. Instead of cursing any Christmas tune that I hear on the radio or TV, I’ll happily sing along. I don’t see the problem with wanting to be joyful all year. Obviously I’m not about to support Christmas starting in July, but I definitely think that the season of giving should not be dreaded or feared.  


People who roll their eyes at even the slightest reference to Christmas need to take a deep breath, calm themselves, and realize there are worse things going on in the world. In today’s extremely dark and cynical society, I do not think that anyone should be shunning the happiness and love that accompanies Christmas time. Please, if you ever find yourself scowling while standing in front of a mall santa in the middle of November, get yourself a peppermint hot chocolate with extra whipped cream, watch Elf, and accept the inevitable.

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