Iowa Legislature Legalizes Medical Marijuana Oil

The legalization of cannabis oil derived from marijuana may spread to Iowa in the near future.

The legalization of cannabis oil derived from marijuana may spread to Iowa in the near future.

Breaking news erupted for Iowans early Thursday morning. The Iowa House finally passed the bill legalizing the use of cannabis around 3:30 am. This new addition to Iowa life may create relief and joy for many families.

The bill allows for the use of oil derived from the cannabis plant. This oil can be used only for medical purposes and is focused on treating seizures caused by epilepsy. The cannabis oil cannot be smoked and does not produce a high.

Families with epileptic children celebrated the news early this morning at the House after waiting nearly 12 hours overnight.  According to KCCI News, West Des Moines Mayor Steve Gaer said having to watch his daughter suffer multiple, intense seizures every week has been heartbreaking. She suffers from a rare form of epilepsy that causes violent seizures. He reported, “It’s pretty humbling to think that maybe you’ve found something that might help your children”. These dedicated families are being recognized for their persistent challenge against the minds of Iowa lawmakers who have opposed the medical marijuana bill from day one.

The journey for the bill to be passed stretched from last week to this morning. The House added a few revisions to the guidelines of cannabis use. A family may only possess up to 32 ounces of oil at a time (roughly a 6 month supply), the oil must be obtained from another state where it is produced, and a prescription from a neurologist is always required. After being passed between the House and the Senate for many days, lawmakers finally found a happy medium and passed the bill. The surprising support from both Republicans and Democrats may provoke satisfaction for many.

The only step left in finalizing the law requires the signature of Governor Terry Branstad. According to KCCI News, Brandstad assured citizens that the bill is under careful consideration. He has not given any indication as to whether he will sign the bill or not.

Iowans wait anxiously for the outcome of the bill.