Five Ways to Fall for Fall

Five Ways to Fall for Fall

October 14, 2016

Fall marks the end of warm weather, swimming, and staying out late with friends. Though the season changes and the days get shorter, the fun does not have to stop. Here are 5 exciting things you can do to embrace the season, and fall in love with Fall. 

    • Pumpkin Patches- Pumpkin Patches may be a cliche activity, but the feelings of warm hot chocolate filling your throat, and the breeze flying through your hair will make it feel like a new, and exciting experience. A few awesome local Pumpkin Patches are Geisler Farms, Howells, and Wills Family Orchard. There are multiple things to enjoy at these pumpkin patches, including mazes, drinking hot cider, and hayrides.


    • Haunted Houses- Like Pumpkin Patches, Haunted Houses are a bit stereotypical for the fall season. However, the local houses are made increasingly more frightening each year, keeping this activity fresh and exciting every time. A few Waukee community  favorite Haunted Houses are Sleepy Hollow, Haunted Forest, and the local Waukee Haunted House.


    • Costume Parties- Costume parties are one of the few times it is socially acceptable to dress up in eratic outfits. You could make a fun game out of it and see who can make the best outfit from thrift store finds, vote on each others costumes, or just try to make each other laugh or jump in surprise. These parties can make for a lively and festive night.


    • Go on a Run- Throughout the fall there are a lot of themed runs, such as the Turkey Trot, Living History Farms Race, Bubble Run, and the Des Moines Marathon. These can make a workout fun, while enjoying the presence of friends, or trying to beat a previous race score.


    • Enjoy the Weather- During the fall, the leaves start to sail from the trees, as the weather drops in unison. This makes for a wonderful time to drink some hot chocolate, cuddle up in a warm blanket and sit outside with your friends or family. You can relax next to a fire, or admire the leaves changing color. Don’t forget that in the next few months it will turn cold you won’t want to come outside, so take full advantage of this beautiful weather.

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