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Powderpuff Girls

Girls on the field warm up for the big game. Bright, hot lights shine down, creating beads of sweat on the players’ necks. Huddling together, they fire up for the big game. After running one last quick play for practice, the girls line up to start. With the snap of the ball, the play begins. The powderpuff football game is a Waukee homecoming tradition. Following coronation, powderpuff is played by all of the interested sophomore, junior and senior girls. Although this is just a one night event, it creates excitement for everyone involved.

Numerous ladies look forward to powderpuff every year. They take the football field and captivate a roaring crowd, playing a game classified as a boy’s sport for the night. Most girls participate for the thrill, but it is always a goal to win. Junior Kasey Costa stated, “I thought it would be fun to bond with my classmates, but also be competitive.”

Since this is a one night event, few practices are involved. Each grade manages their own practice schedule, so the preparations involved vary by grade. Senior Hannah Schau said, “We only had two practices, but we were able to do what we were supposed to.” Minimal practices seemed to help the seniors’ strategy, as they won the final game against the juniors.

As the years pass, each grade grows in experience and knowledge of the sport. Costa shared, “I thought it was more fun this year, because we won one game.” Following last year’s immediate defeat, it was an exhilarating experience for the now juniors to win their first game and advance to play the seniors. Hannah Schau agreed with Costa, “I think this year we were able to have more fun, because we played last year and got an idea of what we were doing for this year.”

Homecoming is a cherished part of high school. It’s something many look forward to and anticipate all year long. Even though powderpuff takes place only one day of the homecoming week, it’s something that leaves a lasting impression. Students look forward to this time of year for a reason–– they are able to create memories that will never fade. It is a time where students can act as students: having fun and doing what they love.

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