The Boston Marathon


The runners who couldn’t finish last year went first today, crossing the starting line to a roar of applause.

After the Boston Marathon was bombed last year there was much speculation over whether or not there would be another.  However, with no official threats, Boston promoted this year’s marathon in honor of those who were affected by the bombing last year.  Red Sox public announcer Henry Mahegan stated, “We will embrace those who can walk again, and we will embrace those who can run again!” At the Red Sox game last night, on April 20th. With around 36,000 runners throughout the day, the Boston Athletic Association claims that this year’s entrants have been the most since the  100th anniversary Boston Marathon in 1996, which holds the record for most entrants. Boston’s pride in standing up to the masses was shown when they promised not to be cowed by a terrorist attack; they are now hosting the second largest run in their history, a slap across the face to terrorists everywhere.