Must Be the Money



The world revolves around money- this is the undeniable truth. You need cash to feed you family, provide shelter, and make a place for yourself in society. Wealth allows people to go to college to achieve the careers wanted. People wouldn’t be able to afford transportation to get to work or college without starter money. A solid base of money provides the ability to earn more wealth and most people achieve the base from their first jobs. Beginning jobs usually are minimum wage pay at 7. 25. The price of minimum wage has been on everyone’s mind since President Barack Obama in his State Union address called on congress to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour according to That caused a great debate Americans.

Nearly 3/4 of Iowa single parent workers earn less then the needed income to survive on minimum wage. Workers on minimum wage earn $7.25 per hour and $15,080 dollars annually for a full time worker. The pay of minimum wage does not go far when you spend almost three hours of pay just on food not including any utilities. The price of everything leads to poverty quickly. That adds up to 33% of the people in Iowa below poverty. Unable to keep up with the cost of living that has been growing for years, they find themselves in a hole unable to dig themselves out. . Hans Isakson stated that, “the most efficient way to assist low-income families may very well be to increase the minimum wage.” There is no good reason to not raise minimum wage. It has no drastic affect inflation.

The cost of living has risen with the years. Minimum wage has not risen since 2009 when it was barely enough money to live on. 7.25 would have been appropriate for that time but not anymore. The price of minimum wage in 1968 was $1.60. If we followed the pattern of the cost of living it would be at $10.74 an hour. That price as of right now won’t appear as an option, but $10. 10 that people are trying for would lift people out of poverty. Tom Harkin is the leader of the race to put a bill for $10.10 minimum wage by 2016 in Iowa. His campaigners and himself are striving to win over people to help the people who are living without enough and are shameful of living on food stamps.


Presumably teenagers mainly work minimum wage jobs. People assumptions may be correct in some respect but not all of it. 81 percent of people working are above the age of twenty, and many of these people support families. Teenagers working minimum wage jobs need to work to save for college. They have to start as soon as possible or they will never make enough. They have to save up $19,882 if they want to go to a school like Iowa State for one year. If they get a normal scholarship it would barely reduce the price to $17,300. Quadruple the cost and add less work time the debt starts to go up. If they do not get a different job after college and still have the minimum wage jobs they are looking at years of debt and a lifetime in poverty. Even on a normal job collage students have years of debt to dig out of college


Many people believe that if the minimum was increased, people would loose their jobs and everything would go up but that is not exactly true. If the minimum wage did increase, there would be less dependent people on food stamps. The cut back would be $4.6 billion dollars enough to make up for anything else that could set us back. That is about 6 percent of the current spending on food stamps. People who are effected by the raise will be able to put more money into the economy. That would help the programs to get everyone a job. The numbers