Mark of the Lion Series: Book Review


I am a young women, who openly associates as a Christian. I often find it difficult to find good books and movies that agree with my lifestyle, and aren’t from your grandma’s bookshelf. Recently I have read the book series, Mark of the Lion, by Francine Rivers. A Voice in The Wind is the first book in this three part series, set approximately 30 years after Jesus Christ was crucified.

The novel follows the life of Hadassah, a young Jewish girl sold into slavery after the Romans destroyed Jerusalem. She is sold into the home of a Wealthy, Roman Aristocracy, and she pursues her faith despite the fact she can be thrown into the lions if found out. She is the maid of a young women, Julia, who is high spirited and independent. She often interacts with Marcus, a young, attractive, self dependent man, also known as Julia’s brother.

Another main character, Atretes; he is the high chief of a Germanic tribe. His tribe is over run by the Romans, and instead of becoming a house servant, he is sold into the Gladiator camps, having to compete in the colosseum for his life on a regular basis for the entertainment of the Roman people.

Throughout the books, readers receive a glimpse of the extreme faith and love Hadassah has for her God, and the way it impacts the people she meets. You are able to watch Julia and Marcus grow up, while witnessing Artres fighting for his freedom in the coliseum. These characters have different plot lines, but River’s finds a way to intertwine their lives.

This series is action packed, with multiple plot lines, while showing what faith truly means. This trilogy of books is as good of literature as you can find, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great series to read. A Voice in The Wind, ends with a cliff hanger, and you’re left with no other choice than to read the next two books, An Echo in the Darkness, and As Sure As the Dawn.  
This series is available at your local library, as well as amazon, kindle, google books, and the itunes bookstore.