Diversity Potluck

February 12, 2015

The spicy scent of Indian pakora wafted through the air, combining with the sweet smell of freshly baked German chocolate cake. People as diverse as their food choices filed in the doors to Waukee High School’s cafeteria. Young children strolled over to draw on tables and receive Waukee tattoos (temporary, of course) while their parents brought a dish over to the buffet line. The Diversity Potluck is a perfect representation of America: a melting pot of cultures.

After the homemade food was inhaled, guests enjoyed several performances. First off was a children’s choir, followed by poem readings – all performed by Waukee students. Next up were Capoeira dancers. Capoeira is a Brazilian dancing style that includes a bit of gymnastics and martial arts (see video below). After the Brazilian dancers, the audience was treated to a Salsa performance from none other than our very own Spanish teacher from Prairieview. Guests were even invited to learn some Salsa moves after their performance! A few talented little singers concluded the Potluck with songs of their choice – one group of kids even used cups for instruments (see videos below).

The International Club, with a little help from NHS, pulled off the Diversity Potluck without a hitch. For at least one night, guests were able to take a step outside of our growing town and take a look at cultures from the opposite side of the world.