Pet Peeves

November 4, 2021

Ring, ring, ring, someone’s phone goes off in the middle of the movie theater, everyone around them rolls their eyes. Pet peeves, everybody has them, whether they’re big or small they always find a way to be annoying. “My biggest pet peeve is when people chew really loud.” Sophomore
Gabe Galindo said. With so many pet peeves crowding everyone’s minds it’s time that people come to an agreement on the biggest and most obnoxious ones out there. Junior Holly Brammer said, “My biggest pet peeve is when people have a staring problem.” These are the top three most annoying pet peeves.
Number one is the phrase “no offense”. Everyone has been there, someone will say something insulting and then add “no offense” like it makes up for the fact that they just said something really offensive and hurt full right before that. Saying something rude to another person won’t get washed away by saying a quick “no offense” after it. Saying that will only make the little comment worse than the initial insult itself.
Number two is when people brag. It is okay if you do it once and a while but if it is a continuous thing where someone is always making a point to tell everyone that they are doing
better than the rest, it is rude and annoying. Whether they are bragging about their looks, or how much money they have, although it might be impressive, multiple people could assure that it can come off as cocky and rude.
And number three is when people apologize without actually apologizing. “I’m sorry you feel that way” is the most annoying thing a person can say because it is not a real apology it is more of just another way to say “I’m not actually sorry I just want to be done fighting”. This phrase is aggravating and makes the person saying it sound shallow. And everybody knows that this is not a real apology.
Everybody has pet peeves whether it is people burping really loud or getting stuck in traffic, everybody can agree that the three listed above are some of the biggest and most annoying pet peeves. Pet peeves are something that everyone can relate to and should be talked about more often.

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