NFL Week 1-6 Retrospective

November 2, 2021

It’s the time of the year when all sports start up again, and this year looks more exhilarating than ever. It is currently October 18th, which means it’s week 6 in the NFL, the NBA season starts tomorrow, and the NHL started up on the 12th of October. In the NFL, the Bills are leading in the AFC with a record of 5-1, and the Cardinals are leading the NFC with a record of 6-0. The Superbowl champions, the Buccaneers, are 5-1 and looking strong, while the Chiefs (who played the Buccaneers in the Superbowl) are currently 3-3 and last in their division. So far the best division in the NFL is looking like the AFC West, with the Chargers and Raiders being 4-1, while the Chiefs and Broncos are 3-3. The best division in the NFC is looking like the NFC West, with the Cardinals being 6-0, the Rams being 5-1, and the 49ers and Seahawks being 2-4. So far, Tom Brady is the passing yards leader, with 2,064, and has to lead the Bucs to have 340.7 yds/g which is first in the NFL. Derrick Henry is leading the NFL in rushing yards with 640, with only playing 6 games with the Titans. Devante Adams is leading the Nfl in receiving yards with 668, with the Packers. For defensive stats, Myles Garret has 8 sacks on the season, and against the Bears had 4.5 alone (which set a franchise record for the browns). Trevon Diggs is leading the NFL in interceptions, having 7 interceptions while only playing 6 games with the Cowboys. For the MVP conversation: Tom Brady, Kyler Murray, and Josh Allen are all front runners. Derrick Henry, Cooper Kupp, and Justin Herbert are front runners for OPOTY. For the defensive side of football, Myles Garrett, Tj Watt, and Trevon Diggs all have a strong case to win DPOTY. Ja’Marr Chase, Najee Harris, and Mac Jones are leading the OROTY race, and Patrick Surtain, Micah Parsons, and J. Owusu‑Koramoah are leading the DPOTY race. There haven’t been many NHL games, and the NBA has not started yet, so it’s hard to predict what is going to happen. In the end, this time of the year is the best with all of the sports starting back up.

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