Letter to Northwest

May 25, 2021

Dear Northwest High School,

You do not know me yet, but you will. I know you have a lot of high standards you will need to meet, and all that pressure can be exhausting. But, you will meet those expectations. So many people are excited to meet you. There is this air of optimism towards you. Sadly, I can not say that I am one of those people. How can I be happy about something that is tearing me away from half of my friends in my senior year of high school? How can I be happy about having to leave a place I have spent the last year and a half of my high school career at when I already will have to say so many goodbyes next year? Everyone keeps telling me to “look on the bright side!” But just because something is new does not mean it is good. 


Next year is my senior year. My last hurrah before I become an independent adult and leave home. My last chance to remember my childhood and innocence before growing up and learning to interact with the real world. My last time around the Sun to make memories with the people I have grown up with before we all go our separate ways to the lives we want. Since I moved to Waukee, I have been looking forward to the day I will be able to graduate in purple and yellow. But, in October of 2018, when they broke ground on Northwest, that dream broke. I will admit not everything about you is bad. I get to go to the Rose Parade as a part of the Northwest Royal Brigade Color Guard. I will be part of the first theatre productions to perform in the theater and auditorium. I will be able to take Culinary Arts in a Michelin star kitchen. There are good and bad things about moving to Northwest next year. But, no matter what, next year is without a doubt going to be an experience I will never forget. See you next fall Northwest.



Emma Breheny

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