Waukee High School 2020-2021 Year in a Wrap

May 17, 2021

This year has been different than any other year before. With deadly pandemics sweeping the world. For the first time in Waukee High School history, a full-time online school was offered. Then a district-wide Quatineen for two weeks. With all of that, there has been so much good, that should be celebrated. 

Starting off strong, Waukee gained a ton of new state titles. From the fields to the pools. This year both boys and girls varsity basketball teams faced Johnston boys and girls varsity teams and beat them for the state championship. Naya Schmidt, the boys co-manager, described her feeling as, “This is the first-ever win for the boy’s basketball team! It felt amazing this was a great accomplishment for everyone. I will never take that nigh granted and I will cherish those memories forever.” The boy’s swim team won the State Championship. Waukee Boys Golf won their state championship. Then the girl’s track team recently competed in the Drake Relays. Waukee Wrestling placed second in the State. Then, the Waukee Dance team won their state championship as well and continued on to Nationals. Where Waukee Cheer Purple placed first in the Nation and Waukee Cheer White placed third in the nation. On the same track, Waukee Dance makes school history and places 2nd in Large Game Day.

While all that happened on the athletic side many things happened off the fields. The Theater Department was able to have their fall play Bob: A life in 5 acts as well as the spring musical SHREK! perform with a virtual audience. Sophomore Georgia LaBounty said this when asked what her favorite part of the Musical was, “Definitely being able to do something I love with other people who also love it! Just overall it was a great expense.” Waukee Showchoir also had a great season, with Millennium winning the Grand Championship at Johnson. They were also able to have Starstruck stream to a virtual audience. 

Waukee Highschool Mocktrial team made school history, by making it to the semi-finals this year. While talking with Vanessa DeMarco, a junior whose this was her first year on the team said, “Winning felt so surreal given that it was many of our first years on the team.” Since this year had its own challenges, DeMarco explained some certain challenges, “Because it was Online, sometimes we could have to wait to celebrate until after we turned our Camera off.”

This year had its ups and downs, but overall has a high school we made it a great one! While homecoming was canceled, prom was not! Many Waukee students had an awesome time and will cherish those memories! We had a two-week quarantine, but that allowed a mini-break by doing school from home for those in-person students. This year was an amazing one for all students, let hope for an even better one for the next 2021-2022 school year! While out last year as one was never the one anyone imagined, it turned out to be a great year! 


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