SARMS .v.s Steroids Worth the Risk?

May 11, 2021

In today’s society, many men and women are chasing their idea of a “perfect body.” From social media posts by models and influencers to magazine covers, there is an unreal beauty standard for both men and women. For women, the typical ideal body type is to be thin and toned, while men typically strive to have a solid, big build. There is a huge difference in the kind of exercise and diet that is required to achieve these two body types. Lifting heavy weights and eating 1.2-1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight a day is the safest and most healthy way to gain muscle mass, but this process takes time, and some people don’t want to wait.

 To achieve that solid, big build, some men take steroids and SARMS to be bigger faster. Steroids are illegal in many areas, such as professional sports, but steroids are used amongst many bodybuilders and non-athletic weightlifters to build that certain physique faster and bigger. It is not just men that take them, there are women who take steroids who wish to be muscular.

Steroids are man-made drugs that reduce inflammation, and when properly used, they medically treat rheumatologic diseases. Steroids and SARMS are becoming more popular in the weightlifting world, and are typically used by males who are non-athletes trying to build their physique. Senior Jacob Stessman was a high school football and track athlete, but after his final seasons had ended, he started getting into weightlifting. “I’ve considered taking SARMs but I realized my body would be so much better and healthy if all my muscles were natural,” stated Stessman.

While the one reason most people take steroids is to build muscle fast, there are many side effects that are prone to occur, different in both men and women. For men, the risks of taking steroids include a loss of sexual drive, breast and prostate enlargement, decreased hormone levels, sterility, and more according to the Diversion Control Division. Women can develop an irregular menstrual cycle and become infertile but also start to develop male features due to the testone in the steroids. Growing facial hair and deepening of the voice permanently are common side effects of women who take steroids.

There is a new product that has hit the fitness market in the past couple of years that resembles steroids greatly; SARMs. But with any new product, there are always misconceptions and unresearched side effects about SARMs and how they work. SARMs, according to the Fitness Republic, are, “Compounds that bind with androgen receptors and impact protein synthesis.” In retrospect, SARMs cause the body to grow muscle by changing the stimulants.

Stessman gives his input on whether SARMs are worth it or not, “I’ve never seen anything bad happen to anyone who’s taken them, but in the long run I don’t see it as safe as I can see the testosterone wearing down really fast as it gets in the way of hormones and messes with blood pressure.” Stessman knows weightlifters who currently take/have taken SARMs before. Each fitness journey is different; different lengths, different diets, and different desires in the results. Research and time should go into each fitness journey, especially one that includes SARMs or steroids. 


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