Vaccinated AF

April 26, 2021

Coursing through my veins, a sense of revitalization. It had been the hardest year of life. Locked away from reality for the longest time, but when I was forced to emerge, I was fearful of society. However, this new shield of sorts brings about a new sense of hope for a better future. In fact, it was more than just hope, I felt renewed, stronger, healthier, maybe even, elite. All of this can be attributed to the Pfizer BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine.

For months, I was navigating the treacherous hallways dodging the numerous noses and chin diapers that I saw. But no longer. Today I can walk down the hallway like it is my non-infectious runway. I used to keep my six feet away from everybody I encountered. But now I can high-five and shake hands with whomever I want. In fact, I started to wear my “Free Hugs!’ shirt again. All the time, I get people who ask for them and of course I give them out. I feel happy and healthy once again.

For a time, I was terrified of going to in-person school and work. I did not want to put myself within the rows of Covid positive kids and in the classrooms of those Covid positive teachers. For far too long, teens have gone out and partied with groups of 10, 20 people sharing droplets. But now, I can party with them! I used to have a strong desire to sit at home and peck at my keyboard all day during online school. However, today I go around licking my own and the keyboards of all my friends. Nothing can stop me. The pandemic is over! At least for me.

I waited for months to get that vaccine. And when I finally got to the pharmacy the day of, It was a joyous experience.

I followed my mom’s footsteps. “It feels fantastic!” she explained to me.

I went into the tiny, almost closet-like office with the pharmacy technician and he pulled out that huge wapping needle. It was the moment I had been waiting for all the pandemic. He administered the shot, and there I was invincible.

“Don’t need you dying this early,” he said.

From then on, I was going to live forever. I no longer had any fear. The technician and I were so excited, I kissed him right on the cheek.

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