Rating All of my Party Tricks

March 5, 2021

Party tricks: Things I get to brag about because I can do them while most people can not. Is it valuable to my life? No. But can I use it to show off a little bit? Yes.

Let’s begin with the first thing. I can sing the entire periodic table of elements song. Look, quarantine gave me way too much time on my hands. I thought, “ya know, maybe this will be helpful at some point in my life.” No, it is not helpful. But, I can do it any chance I get. All my friends get annoyed every time I start to sing it, but it is totally worth it. For the three hours, it took me to memorize it, the periodic table is surprisingly easy.

Next, similar to the periodic table of elements, I can sing the first 100 digits of pi. Now, I should probably mention that I am not good at singing. I just attempt to. My memorization is impeccable when it comes to stuff like numbers and facts.

Don’t even get me started on Spanish things. I know every single Spanish-speaking country in Central and South America. We were forced to learn this song in 7th grade Spanish, and I have not forgotten it since. 

Of course, being a dancer from ages 3-13, I can do almost any and every Tik Tok dance that you can name. I watch way too much to not know most of the dances without even trying to learn them. It is just the repetitive sound and sight of others, that eventually I learn them.

Finally, my absolute favorite of them all. I can rap the fast part in both “Rap God”, and “Godzilla” by Eminem. These are my favorite because both are actual party songs that tend to come on quite a lot. The fact that I can rap it as fast as I can, is actually kind of insane. I get tons of great first impressions when I tell people about this ability. Not to mention, they are just good songs. So anyone can jam to them while I show off my epic skills.

These are all of the party tricks that I use to not only look like a nerd, but also to be the life of a party. 


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    Borislav RatimirovicMar 5, 2021 at 9:52 AM

    Veri Interesting… i remember in My wild years as yang boy in Motherland at party, i wood bring brather Slavko to party and force him into cage… we play parrot bird. 😊🦜 i was olweys funny at party..