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January 29, 2021

Earlier in the year, I attempted to predict the outcome and scores of individual NFL players for Fantasy Football. I had many underdogs having higher projections such as Nyheim Hines and I also had Aaron Rodgers projected higher than what he was at the start of the year. 

Many of my predictions turned out about 75% right and some were completely wrong. With my prediction on Nyheim Hines, the ESPN professionals had him projected to be a 19% bust meaning he will get 3-8 fantasy points a week but I had him projected much higher because of the Colts offense and playstyle. Nyheim Hines rounded up an average of 12.6 but having multiple booming weeks getting to a high of 28.5 points and also having multiple 20 point games. “The absents of Jonathan Taylor and the injury of Jordan Wilkins saw Nyheim getting more touches and points.” this meaning with the absent players Nyheim Hines was put in the spot to step up for the team and he succeeded in his projection. 

 With Devonte Adams projected to rack up around 34 points a week, “Adams secured 14 of 17 targets for 156 yards and two touchdowns in the Packers’ 43-34 win over the Vikings on Sunday.” ( game input) this had my prediction that Aaron Rodgers will get a tremendous amount of points more than what he was projected and I was at a 50/50 with this projection. Aaron Rodgers did indeed put up more points but it was not a crazy amount like I had. He did have a few weeks where he did boom with points but it wasn’t every week like I had predicted. He ended up racking up a high of 30.76 points but also had multiple games over 25 points and averaged 23.6 points. 

On the other hand, I had players that were projected higher up that I projected would be a bust. My first projection of the bust was Nick Chubbs who I thought would end up racking up around 5-8 points when ESPN had him projected at 15-18 points a week. My prediction was somewhat true but not 100% because he did have a few bust weeks when he barely pulled in any points but he did have a few weeks when he put up 20 points in the game. Nick Chubb averaged a solid 16.7 points a week.

I did also predict that Cam Akers would be a bust to the points he was projected at the start of the year. They had him projected over 14 points and I predicted that he would bust at least 2-3 of those weeks and round up an average of around 5 ish points. Cam Akers went on to bust 3/10 weeks and only boom 1/10 and also average exactly 5.1 points a week which shows my projection was dead on with him. 

For my last predictions, I wasn’t very specific with it, and I projected Teddy Bridgewater, Gardner Minchew II, and Mitchel Trubisky to do better than what they were projected, and that was true for ⅔. Everyone except for Mitchel Trubisky was correct.

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