The Dalvin Cook Show

The Dalvin Cook Show

During the 2020 season, Dalvin Cook has proved himself to be a top running back in the league. I am here to say why I believe that Dalvin Cook is the best running back in the NFL. From rushing the football to being a receiving back, from running through defenders to being too quick for anyone to catch, Dalvin Cook can do it all. 

Dalvin Cook has proven in the 2020 season that he is the number one rushing running back in the NFL. Through week 10, Dalvin Cook leads the NFL in rushing yards with a racked up total of 954. Some may say “Well Derrick Henry is not far behind with 946 rushing yards,” well Derrick Henry has 37 more rushes and another game played than Dalvin. Dalvin also is leading the league in yards per game with 119 and a total of 12 touchdowns on the ground. He is on pace to rush for a total of 1830 yards and 25 touchdowns, now if that doesn’t strike you as the best rushing back in the NFL, then I do not know what will.

As a running back that does not catch very many passes, he is still a very lethal threat in the passing game. With the small sample size of 20 catches this season, he still has 189 receiving yards through week 10. You may be thinking that does not seem very impressive but he is averaging 9.5 receiving yards per catch with most of his targets being screens. With a running back rushing the ball as much as he does you can not count him out to get a few catches a game and get you that first down.

In terms of Fantasy Football, many may think that it is an irrelevant topic for top backs in the NFL but I believe Dalvin Cook Fantasy owners will agree with me about Dalvin Cooks’ greatness. Dalvin Cook is averaging 27 points per Fantasy performance with even a few outbreaks in games. In 2 consecutive games against the Packers and Lions, Dalvin Cook had a total of over 200 yards in both games capping off with 48 points against the Packers and 39 against the Lions. Dalvin is the man every Fantasy owner wants on their team due to his consistency and the number of touchdowns that he gets per game. Now, Dalvin Cook may be the number two running back in Fantasy behind Alvin Kamara, but Kamara is not as true of a running back as Dalvin Cook is. Dalvin averages over 100 rushing yards per game to Alvin Kamaras at just over 50, I would personally take Dalvin over Kamara every single day of the week.

With the dominance shown by Dalvin Cook this year and leading the Viking’s offense back from a rough start to the season he needs to be seen as the best back in the game.