Stupid Tests

December 4, 2020

Tests Our Teachers Put Us Through Because They “Taught a Lesson”:


Everyone has been through it. They did it in elementary school, they have done it through high school. Here are some of the ridiculous tests teachers have put us through because they “teach a lesson.”


  1. The Exact Instructions Challenge

Yes, when the teacher said, “write down instructions to make a peanut butter jelly sandwich,” and you would write down to spread the peanut butter on bread. The teacher would then literally take a jar of peanut butter and roll it across a piece of bread. Yeah, this was an absolute waste of time. The lesson to get out of it is to be specific and detailed when giving directions. Tell me why this was always taught when you were supposed to be learning the scientific method? This test was so useless and I don’t think I have needed it ever.

      2.The Spaghetti Marshmallow Tape Tower

You know it, you love it. All to teach collaboration. The issue with this one is that one person would become the dictator instantly, and the rest of the people in the group will be riding on their back. So the collaboration lesson really went down the drain. And do not even get me started on if you didn’t win, the hatred you have for your teammates when you lose is immaculate. Sophomore Jack Gearheart claimed, “I never liked this one, it was used too often.”

       3.The Direction Test

This would always be done at the beginning of the year, typically within the first week. The teacher would hand out papers and tell you to make sure to read the directions which would say something along the lines of, “just put your name on the corner, and you are done.” But the actual directions will tell you to do a bunch of random things all over the paper and if you didn’t read the directions that is what would happen. All the students who read the directions will look at you like you are an idiot. Eventually, teachers learned we were used to this test and stopped giving it after middle school. This was only to teach us to read the directions all the way through.

       4. Trying to Put the Toothpaste Back

This one taught a good lesson, I won’t bash this one too hard. Basically, a teacher would tell students to squirt out a tube of toothpaste and then tell them to put it all back. This was used to show that once words come out, you can’t take them back. And even though your friends may forgive you, they will never forget what you said. Sophomore Ellie Wilson said, “This one was super memorable, it taught the best lesson.”

       5. Crumpled Paper

Another one that I would personally claim as important. Basically, you are asked to crumple a piece of paper and then try to make it completely straight and flat again. This goes to show that once you do something, you can never fully fix it no matter how hard you try. This helped teach anti-bullying to children normally in elementary school. 


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