2020 Election Results

November 17, 2020

The anticipation of the 2020 election had the nation on the edge of its seat. Two candidates with vastly different views on policies battled over electoral votes for the chance at becoming the 46th president of the United States.

In the past, presidential election results could be determined even before votes were counted, as most states swung a certain way. 2020, as with everything else this year, has not gone to plan. With the constant worries and impacts of COVID, it is easy to see how off the rails life has become. With states that are normally red now turning blue, the world watches for the impactful results. 

Nevada and Pennsylvania, two of the most powerful swinging states, were closely monitored up until the end as the dividing factor of who won the election. Jokes hit social media platforms hard, poking at the electoral votes being counted at an excruciatingly slow pace. In the end, Joe Biden took the lead over President Donald Trump and won with a total of 290 electoral votes, needing 270 to win. 

Following the results of the election, Trump made an announcement, tweeting Biden, “won because the election was rigged.” Trump supporters and Biden followers alike took to the streets in protest of some wanting to stop the counting of votes, stating mail-in ballads were rigged. Now, a pressing time is entered, where while Biden may have won, the supreme court may get involved on the grounds of a rigged election.

The 2020 election between head candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden left the world in wonder, on both the results of the election and the protests following. While politics are based on a human’s moral compass, it is important to note that all opinions are valid, and no matter the result, the good change will hopefully occur within the United States.

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