Who Is Better? Jordan or Lebron?

November 5, 2020

The G.O.A.T. talk has been a conversation for a long time now and many people haven’t concluded. Who is better? Michael or Lebron? Michael Jordan is better for many reasons. Throughout both of their careers, Michael has proved himself over and over again why he is the G.O.A.T. It’s time to discuss why Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time. 

 Let us start with the scoring stats. Michael Jordan has a total of ten scoring titles while Lebron only has one. In Michael Jordan’s career, he averaged 30.4 PPG (points per game) and LeBron averaged 28.8 PPG. Lebron’s best year for scoring he averaged 30 points per game to Michaels 37, while Michael Jordan started every single game of the season. Lebron has 1500+ more turnovers than Jordan. Michael Jordan also has a better free throw percentage than Lebron, with Lebron only having a 69.3% free throw percentage this year. Also, Michaels +/- stats are better than Lebrons, Lebron has a career overall +8.9, and Michael has a career overall +9.2. 

When we talk about defense Michael Jordan does have a DPOY (defensive player of the year), and Lebron doesn’t have any defensive awards. Jordan has gotten All-Defensive team 9 times and Lebron has only gotten 6. Even though Michael Jordan is a lot smaller than Lebron, he still averaged more blocks than Lebron in his career, and although Michael played almost 200 fewer games than Lebron in all, Michael has 500 more steals than him throughout each career.

The whole goal in the NBA is to lead your team through the playoffs and win a championship, Jordan did that more than Lebron. As Lebron James is 4 for 9 in the finals at the moment, Michael Jordan was 6 for 6. And everyone wants to say that Lebron had to carry in the finals, but Lebron only averaged 28.8 PPG in the finals to Michael’s 33.4 PPG. Michael Jordan has had 25 game-winners in his career and Lebron has only had 18. In all this includes all buzzer-beaters at the end of the game and game-winners.

Lebron fans may say that Jordan had a superteam and whatever team Lebron was on he had to carry them. This is not true because Lebron played with 6 All-stars in his career to Jordans 2. Michael Jordans 2 All-stars were Scottie Pippen and BJ Armstrong, in history BJ Armstrong is known as one of the worst All-stars to ever be elected. Scottie Pippen on the other hand was a good All-star, but Michael did carry his team without Scottie because of the controversy with Scottie’s contract. Dennis Rodman did have an All-star career but it was when he was with the Spurs, while he was on the Bulls his main job was to get rebounds, and he was a big headcase. Lebron James 6 All-stars he played with were Anthony Davis, Dwyane Wade, Kyrie Irving, Chris Bosh, and Ray Allen. All 6 of those players have had All-star Careers throughout their whole careers. This shows that Michael doesn’t need a full team of All-stars and Lebron does, and also shows that Michael can carry his team to the finals and win while being loyal to his team the whole time, as Lebron switches up teams and practically recruits to get the better team to win.

If Michael Jordan wouldn’t have retired in his prime to go play baseball, who would have known what he could have accomplished. In conclusion with all of these stats and reasons. This all shows that Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time. 

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