Suicide Prevention Month

October 5, 2020

Every year, September is the month where allies, survivors, and mental health organizations
promote Suicide Prevention throughout the world. National Suicide Prevention Week was
Sunday, September 6th – Saturday, September 12th. People spent this week sharing stories,
experiences and resources. When people share their feelings and thoughts it can promote
healing. World Suicide Prevention Day was Thursday, September 10th, this day is meaningful to
those who lost a loved one and those who are survivors.
Organizations such as the National Alliance on Mental Health, are raising awareness this month
by communicating online to promote the meaning of “You are not alone”. The goal is to
encourage people to know “It’s okay to talk about suicide”, speaking to a trusted person helps.
Some ways people are sharing suicide prevention resources have been by social media,
posters and articles. It takes the smallest actions to remind an individual that they matter and
that people care. It is important to check up on loved ones to see how they are doing.
People are getting involved online by posting with hashtags, on Instagram, there are over 1.6
million posts under #SuicidePrevention that is educating and inspiring a positive mindset.
People need to take care of their mental health by having self care days and break days.
Statistics share that “Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for people ages 10-34” (National
Alliance on Mental Health). If anybody needs someone to talk to The National Suicide
Prevention Lifeline provides service 24/7 with the phone number 1-800-273-8255.

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