Breonna Taylor Court Hearing

September 24, 2020

During this pandemic of the coronavirus, the Black Lives Matter movement has swept the nation in a blaze of glory. Protesters from across the country link arm and arm in hopes of bridging the unjust racial gap in police departments. New news of the Breonna Taylor case has left protestors in outrage, and even the president is uncertain of what is to come next. 

Breonna Taylor was 26-years old, African American emergency medical technician, who was shot eight times and killed on the night of March 13, 2020. Officers on a “no-knock” drugs, bust, raided Breonna’s home in search of illegal substances. Three detectives were reported to have shot Breonna instead of her armed boyfriend, causing her to be killed in the crossfire.

A statement from the Kentucky Attorney, General Daniel Cameron, addressing the public told, “the grand jury voted to return an indictment against Detective Hankinson for three counts of wanton endangerment for wantonly placing the three individuals in apartment 3 in danger of serious physical injury or death.” Only hours after the court hearing, Detective Hankinson was released on a 15,000 dollar cash bail.

While one of the detectives was said to be guilty of endangering the lives of neighboring citizens, none of the three cops were charged over Breonna Taylor’s death. 

Taking to the streets that night, protesters from across the country rallied together for justice of this innocent woman’s death. In Colorado, New York, Washington, Chicago, and Atlanta, large groups pulled together to object to the lack of charges in this case. However, nothing compared to the rage that hit Louiseville. Police dressed in full raid gear, armed with tear gas and stun grenades walked through the city streets clashing with protestors. With looting and fires, over 100 protesters were arrested, one brought into custody for shooting two cops during the chaos.

Many protestors’ were in outrage as the United States president Donald Trump responded the following day, calling Daniel Hankinson “ ‘really brilliant’ in the way he handled the announcement of the decision not to charge police officers involved with her death.”  

It’s hard for many to see both sides of this painful indevor, but the base line should always be over the justice of human life, no matter the race. From here, there will be questions on if the division between the police and the protestors can be bridged, but some feel the corrupt system of the government will never admit to this still racially divided country.

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