The Masked Singer

February 24, 2020

     What started as King of the Masked Singer in South Korea has now turned into The Masked Singer based in the U.S. The show consists of many celebrities all dressed in wacky costumes to disguise who they really are. When they speak, their voice is also disguised. As the title says, each celebrity sings just like on American Idol, The Voice or America’s Got Talent. They sing a song of their choice, but when they sing, their voice is no longer disguised. They perform for a panel of celebrities including, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger. This panel of judges will guess who is under the mask based on their performance and a set of clues they are given. The first season of the show aired January 2nd, 2019, followed by the second season on September 25, 2019. The show just returned for its third season on February 2nd on Fox.

     The first season which aired just over a year ago, had twelve contestants, ranging from athletes to actors to musicians. The contestants had a combined 65 Grammy nominations, 16 multi-platinum albums, 16 Emmy nominations, 9 Broadway shows, 4 Super Bowl titles and 4 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Each week a contestant had to get unmasked until they were down to the final three. The final three perform one more time and the audience votes on an app to determine who will win. The monster ended up winning, but the celebrity who was behind the mask was very unexpected for a majority of people. The monster was T-Pain which was hard to guess due to his music usually having a lot of autotune. Once the first season had ended, producers were quick to announce that the show will be returning for a second season in the fall of that year.

     Season two aired on September 25 with sixteen celebrities, and fans were excited to see who would be under each mask. This season, contestants had a combined 140 movies, 69 Emmy Award nominations and 19 wins, 42 Grammy nominations, 31 Billboard #1 singles, 22 Broadway shows, 20 platinum records, seven Super Bowl appearances, six multi-platinum records, five Hall of Fame honors, three New York Times Best Sellers, and two Time 100 honors. Season two’s cast had many combined achievements as well as 15 marriages and eight divorces. Each week one celebrity would be sent home until it was down to the final three, the rottweiler, fox and flamingo. The fox ended up winning, and many people thought he was Jamie Foxx. He turned out to be the host of Let’s Make a Deal, Wayne Brady.

     Each season has more celebrities than the last, as well as new and exciting twists to the show. Season three will have eighteen celebrities including a llama, banana, an astronaut and many more. The newest season aired just right after the Super Bowl, which meant that many people tuned in to watch. The contestants from this season have a combined 69 Grammy nominations, 88 gold records, 11 Super Bowl appearances, 3 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and one title in the Guinness Book of World Records. As of now, three celebrities have been unmasked, the robot, llama, and miss monster. All three unmaskings shocked fans, and were hard to guess from the clues that were given. Most of the clues that are given to the judges and audience are hard to decipher and put together to come up with a guess. Each time the celebrity performs, the audience is given more clues to help put together a guess. It is rare for people to guess the celebrity so early on in the show, but with the third unmasking, a few of the judges were able to guess who it was.

     This show is an exciting ride for anyone. People both young and old will recognize these celebrities. The most intriguing part of the whole show is trying to come up with a guess for which celebrity they are watching perform. There are celebrities that are just about impossible to guess and there are ones that are easy to tell just based on their voice alone.  This show is enjoyable for just about anyone to tune into every Wednesday on Fox.


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