Fear for our Future

November 22, 2019

     Robots are now part of society. like it or not, they are not science fiction anymore. This invention brings out emotions to the public like confusion, admiration, and terror. Robots are supposed to make people’s lives easier and safer, but how can one trust them and not believe they want to dominate the world? Are they supposed to make society’s jobs easier, or completely take them away? 

     Many still have a lack of trust in them.

Junior Noor Ridha explained, “I’m scared that they can become smarter than us. I feel like they can surpass our intelligence, But, maybe that’s just what the movies have made me believe.

     To begin with, humans are the ones creating robots and controlling what they are capable to achieve. One of the motives humans would have to use robots is because they wouldn’t have to pay them a salary, and they also have fewer needs. But this doesn’t mean all jobs. Nevertheless, robots are only able to accomplish some jobs, and sometimes those are the jobs that are way too life-threatening and dangerous for humans to execute. For instance, robots can explore inside gas tanks, inside volcanoes, travel the surface of Mars or places which have extreme temperatures or contaminated environments. According to engineer based domain, RobotIQ, “MoneyRobots can also do the same thing over and over again without getting bored. They can drill, they can weld, they can paint, they can handle hazardous materials, and in some situations, robots are much more accurate than a human ‐ which can cut back on production costs, mistakes or hazards.” An upside on this is that robots don’t need all the maintenance humans do, which means they can get work done faster.

     A challenge that faces society is the ability to trust robots and their artificial intelligence. As stated in, “The Wired Guide to Robots” by Matt Simon,

“It’s easy enough to adapt robots to get along with humans—make them soft and give them a sense of touch—but it’s another issue entirely to train humans to get along with the machines.”

As mentioned before, humans create robots to do what humanity desires. It is like communicating with Alexa or Siri. They were created to assist people in their day-to-day life.

     People are more likely to work alongside a robot than being replaced by one. For example, a car having an adaptive cruise control is allowing the robot to handle the boring highway work while you take over for the complexity of city driving. People will probably adapt to what will happen in the near future as they have already adapted to certain technology now. People have been taught to work alongside modernizing technology. They can use robots for their benefit and not terrorize themselves. 

    “It’s interesting to consider how they can be implemented in our everyday lives. Robots could boost people’s standard of living, and that can be good and bad. Nowadays, I feel like society has such a short attention span. People are used to instant gratification, and in a way, robots could potentially make things worse. Overall though, I have a positive attitude towards it,” commented Waukee junior Angela Trinh.

“I feel like they can surpass our intelligence, But, maybe that’s just what the movies have made me believe.”


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