This American Life Podcast Review

October 30, 2019

“…These stories are a kind of beacon. By making stories full of empathy and amusement and the sheer pleasure of discovering the world, these writers reassert the fact that we live in a world where joy and empathy and pleasure are all around us, there for the noticing,” reporter Ira Glass described the podcast he hosts, This American Life. This podcast conveys stories each week that differ from break-ups to immigration. Every week, the episode focuses on a particular topic and branches out, piecing together two or three other stories that both relate to the same topic. The dynamic on the show is constantly captivating yet relatable. People from all walks of life share stories close to their hearts, for comedic relief, or for the sake of putting their stories out there. No matter what stories are aired, it is difficult to tear your ear away from.
As states, “[the podcast is like] little movies for radio.” The creative narration, hilarious plot lines, and interesting topics compel all listeners to try something new, make a change, or comfort a friend. One of the most popular episodes, “No Coincidence, No Story” narrates five stories from the submission of 1,300 about people’s strange coincidences. Act I explains the occurrences of grandmas in coincidental situations and the hilarity that results from it. Act II describes familial coincidences residing in marriage. It tells the story of a dollar bill that led to marriage. Act III introduces a rare coincidence that actually is not as rare as it seems. All of these acts are so different, yet all the same. This is what This American Life does best.
Weaving together intricate stories through the power of voices is the beauty of podcasts, and This American Life’s ability to do this with fluidity and ease compels listeners. This podcast has the power to evoke every human emotion, and each week listeners can experience a new feeling. So tune in next week, or check out This American Life’s archive for some of the best episodes.

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