2020 Election: Road to 270

October 7, 2019

Most who want change feel like they have to be a senator, governor or even the president to do real change. The people that change things most often started small. One vote could change the course of history; it could be yours.


Most young people don’t take government until they’re seniors in high school.


Politics is generally a topic that is not discussed with people out on the street. It is often alienating and will usually result in the end of a friendship. No matter what age someone is, politics on some level gets mixed into conversations during election season. The 2020 election is fast approaching and will surely be as divisive as the last one. Democrat, Republican or anything else in between, it is important to know who is running, what they are fighting for and how it will impact the average person’s life.


The Democratic field to challenge the incumbent, Donald Trump, is a very large one. At the time of writing, there are 20 candidates in the running for the presidency. Former Vice President Joe Biden is currently leading the pack. Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are very close behind in the polls. Biden is a relatively moderate Democrat who wishes to restore bipartisanship in Congress and across the country. Sen. Sanders is a self-described Democratic Socialist, a term that has started to gain traction in the past few years in the United States. He has proposed radical changes to the economic system, such as free college and free healthcare. Sen. Warren has proposed the very same change

s but does not consider herself to be a socialist. The other 17 candidates are polling relatively low in comparison. Sen. Kamala Harris is in the fourth place spot as of the time of writing, and sits in that position by a relatively wide margin from Sanders and Warren. President Donald Trump is seeking re-election, but isn’t the only one in the Republican Party that hopes to get the nomination. Former Congressman, Joe Walsh, and former Governor of Massachusetts, William Weld, are also seeking the presidency. The likelihood of Trump running into any sort of challenge from his party is very low. Only one president has ever been denied the party nomination, and that was Franklin Pierce in 1852. It is expected that Donald Trump will clinch the nomination with relative ease, but it is no secret that his presidency has been anything but controversial.

Each candidate’s platform looks drastically different from one another’s. Most Americans are focused on their healthcare, keep

ing their taxes low and a strong economy. To the younger generation, these topics are not the most pressing to their futures any time soon. Politics has never been that streamlined though. Everything that is changed now or affects the next few decades will come back to impact them. It is extremely important to at least keep an eye on what the politicians’ plans are for this country. Something to remember is that one day the younger generation will be considered the ‘older’. Think about what the future should be, then find the candidate that wants that type of future. If the candidate does not embody all of those ideals, remember that anyone can run for public office and create true change in the world.


It’s important for you to understand those conversations.


Many people reading this will most likely be asking themselves, why should I care? It is a perfectly valid question; perhaps their vote is not possible in the upcoming election, or they simply have no interest in it. Politics is deeply intertwined in daily life and can not be ignored. To further aid in the understanding of why politics is important to young people, political savant Aaron Savage gave his expertise on the subject. “Even if you aren’t an activist, or even if you aren’t old enough to vote, it’s important for you to understand those [political] conversations,” said Savage. Young people are the ones that are going to step up and eventually take the seats of those in power one day. The hard part of discussing politics is simply the technicality of it. Savage went on to say, “Most young people don’t take government until they’re seniors in high school. When they hear all this stuff on the news, it can be confusing.” Generally, most people attribute the conversation around politics as stigmatized; something that should not be talked about outside of one’s home. This type of thinking often leads to polarized groups that can never come together for what is best. The generation of young voters will surely put an end to this stigma around the subject; hopefully bringing a better future for everyone with them.


The 2020 Election will surely be divisive for many. Will relationships be ruined? Definitely. Is someone going to end up smashing their television on election night? You can count on it. The important thing to remember about this election season is that everyone’s vote counts. The United States provides that luxury to every citizen of this country and gives them a voice. “The problem isn’t the two parties, it’s just that they have both became so polarized,” Savage went on to say. It is a perfectly worded statement that fully encompasses the political climate as it stands. Understanding that politics does not have to destroy everything, is a step in the right direction. The good thing about the United States governmental system is that anybody can be that force of change. It takes only a small change to have a large impact. Young people have such an influence on those around them; it is something that they often forget. On November 3rd, 2020, Election Day will roll around, and it will be the time for the next generation to step up and take control.


The problem isn’t the two parties, it’s that they have both become so polarized.


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