Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air

‘Tis the season of giving. More importantly, it’s the season of receiving. The holidays are upon us once again — sighs — and the age old question of what to get your significant other remains prevalent. Some prefer jewelry, expensive clothes, or even the overly-hyped “quality time” together. As one of the Love Doctors, I can hereby reassure you that these so called “gifts” are actually expensive wastes of time; I know just how to please your woman when the holidays arrive.

One of the classics, and a personal favorite of mine, is a gift card. What better way to say “I love you” than an unpersonalized, unattractive plastic card that screams “I didn’t exactly know what to get you.” The trick is to give her a gift card to a place you would like to go but she does not, so she eventually will give it back to you. What a steal.

Another favorite of mine is a box of rocks. Yes, you heard me right. The only money you will need to spend is on some “decent” wrapping paper. Your lady will be filled with joy, thinking you gave her a box of chocolate or that jewelry set she always wanted. To her dismay, and your pleasure, she will open it and come face to face with an array of dirty rocks. That should rock her world.

Here are some other ideas that are fun, quick, and easy when it comes to holiday shopping:

– The rings you get out of the quarter machines in restaurants

– Dead flowers (to go with the rocks)

– Your grandmother’s sketchy “jello” she brings every year. Put that sucker in some Tupperware with a bow and call it good

– A mop, broom, dust rag — something to clean up her attitude

I also have some tips that will come in handy during your shopping spree. Always buy/order clothes two sizes big. Trust me, she’ll appreciate it. Adding to that, never give her a receipt with any of your purchases. If she’d like to exchange your gift to her, maybe you need to exchange her for a different girlfriend.


After months and months of sneakily favoriting and retweeting cute clothes, giant teddy bears, and unrealistic date ideas, the season of giving is here. Along with it, the time for your boyfriend to give gifts to you has arrived. While all girls know getting the best present possible is the main goal of this season, we still need to get our significant other a gift just to make things “equal.”

Girls are generally easy to shop for. They pretend they don’t want all the cliché gifts posted on Just Girly Things, but, in reality, that is their only wish. Boys, take a look at her favs and RT’s. Within them lies her Christmas list. Buying for your beau, however, remains a much different story.

Guys never know exactly what they want, as usual, so you need to coerce the present ideas out of them. Most of the time, they will just give you broad topics on what they want. “Oh, anything (insert favorite football team) or (insert favorite basketball team)” is the typical response. Also, I hate to assume here, but most girls don’t exactly follow their boyfriends’ favorite sports teams. But Scheels, Sports Authority, and Dick’s Sporting Goods provide viable options for a wide variety.

If these types of stores overwhelm you, don’t fret. I am here to help. One present that any guy will like is a sweatshirt/hoodie/crewneck. Just make sure you get the right size because this can make or break your gift. If you don’t get the right size, he can’t wear it. And, most importantly, you probably can’t wear it either because it will sit in his closet withering away, giving you no chance to “steal” it or “get cold” while you two are hanging out at his house. You NEED him to wear it. If you think about it, it’s not only a gift for him; it’s also a gift for you.

If your man is not really the sweatshirt/hoodie/crewneck type, plenty of other options remain. The holiday season is the perfect time to “fix” your man. Does something about him bother you? Gift him something to fix it, or correct the behavior. For example, if he wears too much cologne, or a cologne that isn’t up to your standards, gift him a new one. Axe is a popular favorite among the guys. Unfortunately it can often be way too strong. You don’t need your bf smelling like a middle school axe bomb. Head into Younkers, Dillards, Nordstrom or Von Maur for a high variety of designer colognes; they will be sure to fix the problem. Now, if you’re on a tight budget, you can always find a nice body spray. The only difference is that body spray is not as strong as cologne and does not last as long. The smell will still be the same.

Smell not an issue? Style just might be. If your significant other does not dress up to your standards, clothing is a great option for a gift. Many girls nowadays have ventured into the guy section of PacSun to find such clothes, some spending over $100. To many, their boyfriends turn into life-size dolls to dress up just how they want. Forget about babysitting and dressing up cute babies, you have your boyfriend for that! Aztec prints and khaki pants are all the rage, so be sure to dress your man as basic as possible. And the best part is, he will have no idea what you’re doing. He’ll just think you are giving him a great gift.

Still unsure? Make a home-made gift. My personal favorite, a book of personalized coupons, like “free back massage” or “Pancheros date, my treat.” Make it as cute as possible with stickers, and of course, glitter. And don’t forget to get extremely mad when he doesn’t use them. You spent quality time on that, after all. And your time is even more valuable than money; therefore, this gift is obviously worth the most.

Hopefully these ideas gave you some inspiration, and you now know exactly what to gift your man. Happy Holidays from the love doctors!