Happy Death Day 2U Review

    So I finally got to see the sequel to ‘Happy Death Day 2U’ and I wasn’t disappointed. Mostly because I wasn’t expecting it to be good anyways. I was pleasantly surprised by the story hidden underneath the layers of fake science mumbo-jumbo and forced drama. This wasn’t a horror movie by any means, there was the rare moment that the audio spiked and something jumped out of the screen but other than that there was no point in this movie where I was actually scared. I laughed at this movie more, which I think was its intended purpose. But the whole movie doesn’t focus around being a comey ‘mock-horror’ like the Scary Movie series. It never wanted to commit to being just a funny movie or just a drama, so it never does either any justice.

    Jessica Rothe was easily the best thing about this entire movie, and while her performance wasn’t jaw-dropping it was certainly memorable. The movie suffered from a lack of pacing near the beginning, flip-flopping between characters and losing almost all narrative value. I really didn’t relate to any of the characters other than the one Rothe played, and even then it was spotty. I just found the rest of the cast annoying and sometimes their acting was just downright awful. This movie came from the bowels of Blumhouse Productions so nobody was expecting a Leonardo Dicaprio level of actors committing to their roles, but there were times when I literally sunk in my seat and sighed.

    Looking back I honestly couldn’t think of any point in the movie where the music matched with what was going on screen. This is pretty typical for horror so I’m not exactly heartbroken over it, but now I’m looking for the ‘Into the Spiderverse’ transformation scene in every movie. It just wasn’t there. Here come the spoilers.

    We find out that in the first movie, the time loop was begun by a science experiment gone wrong. When it acts up again, another time loop begins except this time with a different character. But then after about 15 minutes we’re back in Jessica Rothe’s shoes so it never really even mattered. Now she’s entered an alternate dimension where the killer is no longer her roommate and her mother is still alive. There’s some drama with Carter not being her boyfriend anymore, nothing I really cared about because I didn’t see the first movie.

    A whole bunch of stuff happens with her figuring out what’s different about this timeline. It’s boring to watch, it’s boring to explain. Eventually we find out a serial killer ends up murdering her roommate and now he’s the killer. So there’s a bunch of drama surrounding “should I break the time loop if it means I get to see my mother, but my friend dies” and so there’s a final confrontation at the hospital where her friends works. We learn that there’s more than one killer- and one of them is a professor from their school that the roommate slept with. Basically, the teacher had an affair with the student and wants to cover it up with murdering her. But using the serial killer so he doesn’t get caught.

    It doesn’t work though, because the villain decides to monologue and Carter saves the day. Then Rothe leaves the alternate dimension because she realizes that she can’t sit in this life with these memories that weren’t hers. It’s ultimately pretty emotional and if you were invested in the characters at all it might be more effective, but that isn’t achieved at all throughout the movie. Carter saved the day and was easily the best character. He was the most relatable and honestly the movie probably should focus on him. He’s the best actor there next to Rothe.

    In summary, this movie was bad- but you already knew that. I didn’t hate sitting through it and watching with a friend was enjoyable. Not seeing the first might have affected my experience, but all around I get the feeling that I would have gotten a similar enjoyment out of it. If you want to watch this movie, I’d wait until you can do it free somewhere like on a streaming service. It’s not worth the money, and I wouldn’t watch it alone unless you want to be bored out of your mind. It’s a good time with friends, 4.5/10.


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