The Bachelor Review

     Every Monday night, millions of people at 7 o’clock tune in to ABC to view one show: The Bachelor. Since its conception in 2002, the show has built a loyal fanbase that is dedicated to watching the decided bachelor each season on his quest for love. The basic premise of the show involves one man –typically between the age 26 to 36–  as he dates twenty-five woman searching for the one he will hopefully marry. Each week the bachelor goes on dates with the women, handing out roses to the ones he wants to keep around for a week and eliminating the ones he doesn’t. This process continues until he eliminates the last girl and chooses his “winner.” He will then give this woman the final rose and will typically propose to her.

     Each year there is a new bachelor and this year is no different. The current bachelor goes by the name Colton, and he has been going on his journey to find love for the past several weeks. With next week’s episode having only three girls left, let’s take a deep dive into the season so far, and sees how it stands up against recent bachelor seasons.

     This season has had many pros, but also a few cons. First, let’s look at Colton as a lead. Compared to bachelors in the past, Colton has been very enjoyable. The bachelor has had a run of very stale, boring bachelors (especially last year), but Colton brings something new to the table. He actually seems genuine. He enjoys getting to know each of the women, and he is engaged in each conversation he has with them. He doesn’t seem as calculated as bachelors in the past, so each of his decisions seems authentic. When Nicole and Onyeka were fighting over ridiculous drama, he sent both of them home that night instead of keeping them around for a possible 2 on 1. When Demi confessed her love to him, he sent her home to spare her feelings even though her hometown date would’ve been the most entertaining. It is actions like these that make Colton refreshing as a bachelor. I find myself actually rooting for his happiness, and I can’t say that about bachelors in the past.

      Another factor to look at is how compelling the women are. This season the women have been good, but they haven’t been amazing. There are no clear villains and heroes on the show, so that is left with you really rooting for no one. Let’s look at the final four for example. None of them have had stellar edits, yet one of them will end of with Colton in the end. Cassie and Caelyn have both been accused of being there for the wrong reasons and only there to become the next bachelorette. On the hand, Tayshia was the one who tattled to Colton about Cassie and Caelyn. That movie is never looked positively within the bachelor community as for why would you spend your time with Colton bad mouthing the other girls. And then there is Hannah G. The problem with Hannah G is not that she could be considered a villain, but that she has had virtually no screen time. The audience knows nothing about her, so it’s hard to root for her. Could this dilemma be occurring because Colton is such a strong lead that the women are suffering as a result. In the past, the women have been the star of the show and the bachelor was just there to keep the show going. In this season it seems to be the opposite with Colton being the most rootable character.

     Though none of the girls are rootable, they have provided enough drama and good tv to make this season juicy nonetheless. That combined with Colton being a great lead has made this a pretty good season so far. There are two more episodes, which could significantly sway my opinion one way or the other, but as this season stands, I’d give it a 8/10.


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