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Making Bank in High School

     Teenagers possess plenty of opportunities to enjoy themselves in high school: going to movies with friends, heading to the mall, eating out, and of course the big three dances. The issue with all this fun is that it costs money; lost of money. Despite having a job while going to class everyday, many students are involved in sports and other activities that prohibit them from working many hours. This is where the problem lies. There is not enough time to earn enough money to do all of the things teenagers would like to do.

     The first thing a young adult should do to keep the money they earn is open a savings account. According to writer Chris Kahn, only 17% of Americans have said that saving money is a priority to them in 2018.If in every paycheck a percentage of their earnings is saved, money will add up. To do this successfully a person must have someone else to keep them accountable. Having a parent have access to the students account can insure that money is actually being saved. Another large part in using a saving account is having something to save for. That way there is some sort of motivation. Even setting a goal amount by a certain date can make saving money more exciting! Junior Hannah Tucker mentions, “The money I save, my mom will match.” Not everyone’s parents are willing to do this, but when it comes to saving for a car or college it is a great way to help parents with the expenses.

     Another method to having a full bank account is organization. Each time a paycheck comes thru, set aside a certain amount for each thing they may need it for. Gas, getting nails done, food, etc. This way it is almost impossible to not have enough cash around. Not only this, but make time for activities that don’t cost money. Making food  at someone’s house can be just as fun as going out to eat. “One time me and my friends had a friendsgiving and barley spent anything to make all the food because we all chipped in.” says Tucker. This event was more memorable than a simple dinner out she adds. Weather it be picking up change around the house or never touch a debit card, saving money adds up!

     One final thought for those who are dedicated to saving for anything large in price is to stop paying for convenience. Don’t pay for closer parking when you could walk for free, and drive to a closer restaurant than one 15 miles away. Instead of buying a ticket to a movie, watch one at home. There are many small things that can add up. Cutting costs for entertainment may save the most money.

Over all, while high school requires lots of driving and money at times, there are always methods to saving. With enough motivation it can be done.


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