Smash Park Review

     The positive atmosphere from the workers to the customers is how people are engaged and want to know more about the new restaurant and sports arena known as Smash Park. The new restaurant is located in West Des Moines East of Jordan Creek Mall.

     When entering I did not know where to begin, there were so many options for games and activities to participate in. Smash Park was full of smiling faces, from children to adults. Multiple people were playing Pickleball, Cornhole, Ping Pong, and at most tables there were giant Connect Four games in progress. The pickleball courts were the most popular. They were booked solid for hours, the night I was there. Along both sides of the general seating area there are numerous board games you can take back to your table and play. Towards the front of the building there is a small couch, chairs and a huge tv screen to play video games.

     There are more games that can be played outside of the facility, so do not go on a rainy day, if you are wanting your kids to not bug you the whole night. The inside of the building was also very well decorated with lights stringed across the ceiling and the walls painted and decorated, so the building was cohesive and pleasing to the eye. Smash Park is an amazing opportunity and kid friendly restaurant and sports arena.   

     There is also a bar with numerous televisions for young adults to go hang out with friends. Some regular restaurants do not have enough seating for their customers, but Smash Park is a very big facility. There is an upstairs for for private parties such as a birthday celebration or company outing. The wait staff will get your drinks but you must go to the walk up kitchen to order you food, which is unique. The food comes out quickly notifying you with a text on your phone. It took less than 10 minutes to get our meals once we had ordered. The menu includes a huge plate of nachos, burgers and a very popular waffle chicken sandwich.

     To document your visit you can use their selfie station to take pictures, or purchase a t-shirt that they had for sale in the lobby.  For your convenience they also had lockers for you to store your personal items while playing the games. Overall Smash Park is an fun and inviting space to hang out with friends and family by playing games and eating dinner with the presence of your loved ones.


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