Student Stereotypes

     There are stereotypes everywhere: in school, an office, and even in movies. The Breakfast Club is a movie about five different students coming together in detention, when having to write a paper, they all start to bond throughout the time they are at the high school. The students realize that stereotypes are overrated and they all had more in common then they thought. This is interesting because most high schools have many stereotypes, but does  Waukee do the same as other schools?

     Abby Karras, a sophomore stated, “I don’t here a lot of stereotyping at Waukee, but I think people still categorize others into groups, whether its band,choir kids or the football guys.” Many students are in friend groups because of how society is categorized, but because students have the same interests. A Junior, Sam Cross expressed openly that, “Most popular stereotypes are  just related to what activities you’re in, so whatever you’re best at must be the only thing you do.”

     The typical stereotypes include: the nerds, jocks, artists, musicians, and the ‘popular people,’ yet if people stopped to think, are stereotypes even true? When asked if she sees stereotyping in the halls of Waukee High School, Sophomore Myshanna Ritchie voiced, “ Sometimes I hear girls judging other girls, or talking about other girls. The popular girls… The lame girls, that aren’t up to their level, they would talk about, or look down on them.” Stereotypes pin people against each other, especially girls. Girls mostly have more self esteem problems than boys, so why are girls not building each other up instead of pushing each other down. “The african american girl who’s not that smart, a lot of stereotypes, the african americans don’t graduated from high school, or do their work,” Ritchie added with a quiet tone. Students should not be rated by a popularity scale that is mentally dragging their mental health, and confidence lower. Richie also verbalized proudly that, ”I wanna prove that African Americans can be just as successful as white Americans.”

     Stereotypes are not just based around students they can also be based on teachers, Youtubers and many more people in the world. Stereotypes are like reputations, people get to know you formed around the things they hear or see. Waukee High School has a reputation, just like every other schools in the district. When asked if he knew any stereotypes of waukee in general Ryan Abens, a sophomore commented, “Rich, preppy, selfish,” is what he hears when he talks to some of the kids in bondurant. Like many students, Abens knows that is not the case because of how mixed and diverse the school is. Peers at Waukee High School have different opinions, yet it all depends on the first impression of the school and the atmosphere.  

    First impressions mean a lot, they can determine if people think they need to start rumors or tell the truth, and stereotypes are a big part of society. Stereotypes are everywhere people just have to decide if they want to play a part in the movie.“Each one of us is a brain, and an athlete, and a basket case, a princess, and a criminal.”  – The Breakfast Club


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