New Year, New Me

    A new year is upon us, and many people see it as a new chance to set goals to improve themselves. This includes breaking bad habits, losing weight, finding a job that makes them happy and much more. Many people in Waukee have set New Year’s resolutions for 2019. But according to polling from the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, only about 40 percent of Americans make a New Year’s resolution each year.

     “The whole resolution journey can be a valuable exercise in self-awareness. We can learn a lot about ourselves by paying attention to the types of resolutions we make and through our efforts to attain them,” states math teacher Mr. Van Vark. Mr. Van Vark sets two New Year’s resolutions each year this year they are, to improve himself and to make himself happy. “My resolution to improve myself in 2019 is to run 1000 miles throughout the year. My resolution to make myself happy in 2019 is to take at least one trip with my wife and all of my kids and at least one trip with only my wife.”  Van Vark believes that he will accomplish both of his resolutions because, “I try to make resolutions that mean a lot to me and are attainable.” Van Vark believes a reason that most people don’t stick with their New Year’s resolutions is because, “I don’t think most people give them a lot of thought, either when making them or when figuring out how to stick to them. I think most resolutions are made in the moment and are just for fun, and there’s nothing wrong with that!”

     FCS teacher Mrs. Alvarez claimed,  “I am pregnant right now .. so I think my biggest New Year’s resolution is to get organized at home and here at school since I have to go on maternity leave.” She has already started to achieve this goal, “ I’ve already make a list and laminated it with things I have to do every single day to try to get me in the routine. But that’s my teacher side, but my non-teacher side is just like take it one day at a time, because i’m not very good at organization unless i’m at school. I’m a first time parent so I think that there is not a lot of control that I have their with what to expect with the baby, but I can manage my household and get that under control.”  

    Waukee junior Nick Keller’s goal for 2019 is to eat healthier, by staying persistent and choosing the right food to eat and thinking about what he is putting into his body. Likewise, senior Kaitlyn Severson’s resolution this year is to eat healthier and work out more, she believes she will accomplish this by working out in the mornings and choosing healthy food.  She believes one of the main reason people don’t accomplish what they set for their New Year’s resolution is because, “They say they are going to do things, but sometimes life just gets in the way… they lose sight of their real goal.” On the other hand junior Hayden Harris thinks people don’t accomplish their resolutions “Because they have them just to have them and not because they actually want to have a goal, they pick a goal that isn’t really realistic for them.”
    Lots of people have goals they would like to achieve, whether they are simple or life-changing, staying persistent and not giving up might be hard. A 2002 study in the Journal of Clinical Psychology found that only about 46 percent of resolution makers were still sticking to their resolution six months into the year. Will the four interviewed be 46 percent that fulfil their New Year’s resolution or the 52 percent that fail? In three-six months there will be a follow up interview for those that were interviewed to see how their New Year’s resolution is going and if they have not given up. What is your New Year’s resolution, what are the possibilities you will not fail?

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