Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse Movie Review

   Warning! Spoilers ahead!

       It was in November of 2014 when private emails between the co-chairman and president of Sony Pictures Entertainment were leaked by a notorious group of hackers. These emails contained details about a collection of spin-off animated comedies revolving around the beloved character and Marvel superhero, Spider-Man. Production for the film had begun in December of 2014, and in April of the next year, the upcoming movie was officially confirmed at CinemaCon in Las Vegas by company chairman Tom Rothman.

     ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ was released on the 14th of December, 2018, and has already amassed millions of dollars in the box office. The film promised multiple Spider-Men from multiple different storylines, and it certainly delivered. The film has received a wealth of praise from critics worldwide, and scored a whopping 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. With all that in mind, what about this movie has astounded audiences across the world? The following is going to be a quick overview of a summary of the events of the film.

     The animation of the film pays tribute to Marvel’s comic book origins, with a unique style that hasn’t been seen on screen yet. The animators wanted the viewer to feel like they walked into a comic book. The story follows Miles Morales, a black teenager living in modern day Brooklyn with his mother and father, who is a police officer with a strong disliking towards Spider-Man. Miles comes into contact with a radioactive spider in a hidden subway tunnel, and strange things begin to happen to him after being bitten. He quickly comes to the realization that he too has gained the powers of Spider-Man, known as Peter Parker to few, who is largely considered a hero all across New York. Miles accidentally stumbles across the web-slinging crime fighter during one of his confrontations with notorious villain, Kingpin.

     Miles and Peter meet during the fight in a secret underground lair, where Kingpin is experimenting with a device that is able to open portals to other dimensions. Peter promises to mentor Miles and help him understand his newfound abilities, when suddenly, Miles is forced to watch helplessly as Peter is buried under the rubble of the crumbling laboratory. This is when Peter hands Miles a flash-drive that Miles must use to stop Kingpin from using the device once more. “You need to hide your face, you can’t tell anyone who you are. Nobody can know, he’s got everyone in his pocket,” Peter tells Miles. “Go! Destroy the collider! I’ll come find you, it will be okay.” Miles hides out of view as Kingpin approaches Spider-Man, and witnesses the heart-breaking death of the hero that New York relied on. Miles narrowly escapes the Prowler, one of the baddies out to enact Kingpin’s grand plan. This is when he runs into Peter again, a Spider-Man from an entirely different universe, brought to Miles’ world by Kingpins failed experiment.

     This begins a chain of events where Miles must work with a much older, more broken version of the hero he once knew. They run into a multitude of different Spider-Men from far away universes, including versions from an L.A Noire black and white universe, a cartoon universe with talking animals, and two Spider-Women, one donning a mech-suit and the other a modified version of the original suit audiences are familiar with. They learn that they must use Kingpins device to return to their original universes, or else they will cease to exist. The group begins to train Miles as they are hunted down by the Prowler and Kingpins other goonies. But as the movie continues, the characters, and the audience, slowly begin to realize that at this rate, Miles isn’t capable of shutting down Kingpin’s device after his friends return to their universes. This leads to a heart-yanking confrontation between Miles and the older version of Peter Parker, where Miles is trapped and told he must stay in his room while Peter sacrifices himself to send the others home.

     It was at this point that I felt goosebumps run down my arm. We watch as Miles struggles, managing to finally break free so he can go help the others. He rushes to the aid of his friends in a scene that I can’t fully explain in words. Miles realizes that after all he’s been through, all he needed was a “leap of faith”, one of the morals reinforced throughout the film. The voices of his friends and family fill his mind as he launches himself off the side of a towering building, swinging to the others once mastering his spider-like abilities. The build-up to this moment and execution of this scene left me speechless, and I absolutely cannot give it enough credit in this review.

    This leads to the final moments of the film, where Miles sends the other Spider-Men and Spider-Women back to their universes, and the audience is glued to their seats for the final confrontation between Miles and Kingpin. We watch as Miles falls to Kingpins feet, broken and defeated. But when Miles sees his father, who after being against the idea of Spider-Man the entire film, egging Miles on underneath his costume, he is filled with the strength he needs to defeat the villain once and for all and power down the device that threatened his world.

     This film is at its heart a comedy, but will leave audiences breathless with the soundtrack, the writing, the animation, the performances, everything pulls this film together to be my new personal favorite film of 2018, if not of all time. One second you’re laughing at the characters, the next you’re crying with them. The superhero genre isn’t exactly turned upside down, but this is truly a movie for everyone. One of the best things about this movie is it’s pacing, the story is constantly moving to keep people with short attention spans hooked from opening to credits. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I would recommend you put it on your to-do list. I cannot do this movie the justice it deserves in a review, and you can only experience everything this movie has to offer firsthand.


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