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12/17 Board Meeting

12/17 Board Meeting

   “As a mother and a taxpayer, I have 130,244 reasons why I don’t trust you anymore,” Sarah Bowman stated. Bowman, a mother of five, directed this comment to the Waukee District Board. Monday, December 17th, the public raised their voices to speak out about current hot topics, specifically, the employment of former C.O.O Eric Rose and the boundaries for the new elementary school.

    Opened to the public, the meeting drew many opinionated people to the stand. Multiple people stood at the podium, microphones and cameras pointed to them in every direction possible in order to make sure that what they wanted to say was heard by the community.

     At the beginning of the meeting, Wendy Liskey made clear that this meeting topic was mostly focused on the boundaries and wanted other topics to be kept to a minimum. Waukee taxpayers went their own direction.

     On December 6th, 2018 Mary Mosiman released an audit that stated $130,244.98 were spent on inappropriate funds, or  ‘questionable expenses.’ “The audit was swept under the rug which made us the laughing stock across the state,” voiced Pete Jefferies. He added that Waukee Community School District needs change, and that his trust for the district is altered.

     Lynn Hakenson stood and demanded a change. He suggested the immediate resignation of current Superintendent Cindi McDonald. Hakenson directed the board to look in the mirror and reflect on what they have done to the taxpayers. Jones Ross added, “Rose was not alone.” Ross noted that she did not attended any other board meetings until the audits came out. “He was a liar. He was a cheat. He was a thief,” opined Ross.

     Bruce Stone moved state to state for many years but when his family moved to Waukee, Iowa he knew he wanted to retire here. His told the board that his children love the school and he loves the teachers inside of the school, but not the administration/school board. “130,000 may not seem like a lot  when you’re on a multimillion-dollar budget, but for me, that’s about what I make in a year,” reflected Stone.

The board received and filed the citizen comments. No action was taken on their requests.


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