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Waukee C.O.O. Resigns

Waukee C.O.O. Resigns

      Following harsh criticism surrounding his employment at Waukee District Office, Chief Operating Office Eric Rose surrendered to Dallas county authorities and was booked at the Dallas county jail Saturday morning. According to the Des Moines Register, Rose now faces three felony charges for soliciting felonies and felonious misconduct. The behavior in question includes timecard altering and solicitation of school vendors for his son’s hockey team, both brought into public scrutiny by a recent state audit.

     Eric Rose posted his bond for $15,000 and walked out Saturday evening. This morning, the Register reported that the Waukee school board accepted the resignation of Eric Rose. He has agreed not to sue the district.

On Monday, December 17th, the school board issued the following statement, which is available on the KCCI-8 website:

“The Waukee Community School District Board of Education voted on Monday, December 17, at a special meeting to accept the immediate resignation of Eric Rose as chief operations officer. This resignation was submitted and approved in lieu of a termination recommendation previously scheduled to be brought to the Board on Monday by Superintendent Cindi McDonald.

As part of the separation agreement, the Board will be paying Rose his earned vacation days. Rose has provided the District a full release of all claims and has agreed to a covenant not to bring legal action against the District in the future.

The District decided to accept Rose’s resignation in lieu of termination in an effort to put immediate closure to this matter and help ensure that District staff can now remain focused on the positive work they are doing for the students of this District and not be further distracted by potential claims, suits or other issues related to Mr. Rose and his employment with the District.”


The Waukee Arrowhead will release more updates as information becomes available.


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