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Deck the Hall(s)mark Channel

Deck the Hall(s)mark Channel

December 21, 2018

     Sitting by the fireplace, drinking hot cocoa, and eating cookies are traditions when watching Hallmark Christmas movies. Every holiday season the Hallmark Channel premiers new movies. Many Waukee students enjoy the fun and lovable Hallmark films. The movies have become so popular that they now have an “app” that you can download to check off the movies as you watch them.  

     There are a couple of places you can watch Hallmark movies or movies similar to these.  The Hallmark Channel shows them throughout the season but you can also watch them on other channels including Lifetime and Netflix. The Hallmark channel is available on a number of TV services. It seems that everyone has an opinion, no matter what age or gender, about the quality of the Hallmark Christmas movies.  

     “My sister has always loved watching them and I only got into watching them this year,” stated Ally Philbin. Ally’s sister Annie commented, “I got into them because I watched a few of them on Netflix and really liked them.”

     “I like watching Hallmark movies because they are horrible and cheesy which makes them funny,” says Riley Taylor. Some might think the movies are cheesy and predictable, yet the new Hallmark movies are getting better and are more exciting. Most of the movies have the same plot around Christmas; the scene is in the town square, two people meet and fall in love, they go through a few hardships and in the end everyone enjoys a wonderful holiday season.  

     Hallmark movies can get almost anyone into the Christmas spirit. Ally adds, “I like watching Hallmark movies because they’re cheesy, but they’re fun to watch during the holidays.” Everything Hallmark incorporates into their movies can make people come together in different ways. Some popular Hallmark include, “A Christmas Prince”, “Christmas Incorporated”, and “The Mistletoe Promise”. Countless of these movies have actors that audiences might not have seen in a while.  The new movie The Princess Switch, stars Vanessa Hudgens, well known from High School Musical series.

     Hallmark movies are sweet and predictable, yet that is the style of the films. “I think they are too cheesy, but just because they have the same plot… I usually don’t binge them because I get tired of them after I watch one, so I have to watch one, then take a break,” Taylor included.

     It all depends what interests them and what does not.  Even though Hallmark movies have the same type of plot and story, they are still fun to watch and appreciate. “They’re  super cheesy, but I love them… I’ll binge watch three of them in a row on the weekends,” Annie concluded. Hallmark movies are two sided, People like them or they do not.


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