Fall Fashion

November 7, 2018

     With the changing of the leaves comes the changing of fashion. Shorts gradually turn to pants, sandals to converse. People break out scarves, hats, gloves, sweaters, boots, and on and on. The possibilities to fall fashion are, quite possibly, endless.

     “I see lots of blanket scarves, jeans skirts and sweaters, and booties or knee high boots,” says sophomore Anna McClellan. “And oversized sweatshirts with leggings,” McClellan added.

     This is not necessarily surprising, considering fall season is also commonly known as “sweater weather.” Personally, I think that blanket scarves and sweaters are always fun to see. They are fun, warm, and fitting for the fall season. I see many oversized sweatshirts and leggings. In fact, that is almost always my go to look — they are simple, warm, and comfortable; what else could you need for fall?

     “During fall, I typically see a lot of layers,” says senior Jessey Wyzgowski. “I think it’s really fun to experiment with different articles of clothing and how you can make multiple items work in one outfit.” Wyzgowski loves fall fashion, and enjoys piecing together fun outfits to go along with the festive season. “I personally like putting a light sweater under a jean jacket with a cute plaid scarf,” she states.

     Like Wyzgowski, I also see a lot of layers. Scarves over jackets, sweatshirts, and long sleeve T-shirts. Hats, gloves, earmuffs, sweaters. People a lot of times will wear what they need to wear to stay warm. However, some people seem to be holding onto any last bits of summer that they can, and their wardrobe shows it.

     “Shorts are an abomination,” exclaims junior Ty Slauson. “Pants don’t really change. You still see people wearing heckin’ shorts even though it’s -20 outside.” Shorts surprisingly have not disappeared yet, despite the wind getting colder and the temperature dropping.

     However, Slauson has noticed more than the scattered people who wear shorts during this time of year. He has also noticed the colors that come out during the season. “I think that reds are more common,” says Slauson. “Because like, red gets you in that fall mood. I also have been seeing tan or khaki colored shoes and I kind of want some.”

     Slauson also acknowledges how fall fashion has changed over time. “Nobody really wears coats for fashion anymore,” he notes. “Back in the day, you’d wear a peacoat cause it was cute, warm, and looked business casual. Now, you just wear coats to be warm, and you take them off as soon as you get inside.” Slauson also elaborates on how fall fashion has changed between genders as well. “Men and women used to wear peacoats, but now it’s more of a women’s fashion thing.”

     It is no doubt that when fall rolls around, fashion trends appear that are associated specifically with these few months. For me, this time of year means sweatshirts, leggings, fuzzy socks, and converse. For others, it means jeans, plaid scarves, sweaters, and boots. For some, their fashion does not even change, with shorts and T-shirts continuing to be their everyday look. Fall fashion is all about what you want, what keeps you warm, and what you feel happy and comfortable in. I hope everybody enjoys the rest of this year’s“sweater weather!”



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