Senior Quotes and Photos Information

November 24, 2018

Senior quotes can be emailed to [email protected] If after 48 hours you have not received a response verifying that we received your submission, please email us again. Click here to see if we have received your senior photo.

The only restriction to senior quotes is that quotes must be less than 110 characters, and may be edited by staff due to appropriateness.

The following are the restrictions for senior photos:

  • Portrait layout not landscape
  • No props (student cannot be holding anything)
  • Can be in black and white or colored
  • Can be inside or outside

2 Responses to “Senior Quotes and Photos Information”

  1. Dylan Beverly on January 7th, 2019 7:53 PM

    Happiness and peeing your pants are the same things. Everyone can see it but only you can feel the warmth 🙂

  2. John Delaney on January 17th, 2019 6:01 PM

    With our thoughts, we make the world.

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