Schedule Scramble

November 5, 2018

     Usually every year around spring time Waukee High School begin picking their classes for the upcoming year. For sophomores and junior SPA conferences during these times are when they can look deeper into their plans and analyze the track best suited for the future they see for themselves. However, for the first time, underclassmen must have their new classes picked and submitted by the end of the first week of November.

The best way of having an idea of what you need to hire is to have kids schedules done.”

— Scott Moran

     These new changes were implemented in preparation to hire more teachers and coaches in the upcoming semester. By getting a record of what classes will be filled, administration will be able to know which teaching and coaching positions are open for hiring based on how many it would take to account for the amounts of students in certain courses. With 9th grade sports and extracurriculars slipping up in the 2019-2020 school year, new hiring has become a top priority in next year’s agenda. “The best way of having an idea of what you need to hire is to have kids schedules done,” AP physics teacher Scott Moran stated. “The earlier we can do that the better.”

     These new changes have some students on the fence about their feelings towards them. “I’ve been able to fix any gaps in prerequisites for classes I want to take my senior year,” junior Paige Kirschner stated. “It’s nice to know I don’t have to worry about it later on,” she finished. Sophomore Brandie Holben explained, “it makes us think ahead and decide what we want to do.”

     The new changes do bring some difficulties for some students and their advisors. “Part of the downside especially as a sophomore advisor is that I don’t know these kids real well yet,” Moran said. “It is rushing that a little bit, there are a lot of kids were we didn’t have time to talk about what they want to do in the future or what their career goals are.” For many sophomores this is truly the first time they are completely free to pick most of their classes since the first year at Waukee High School is usually full of required classes. On the same note Kirschner spoke about her uncertainties about it “I’m a little afraid that I might change my mind… based on how I like the classes that I haven’t taken yet this year.” Advisors hope that through SPA conferencing they will be able to properly think through which courses are the best for each student.

I’ve been able to fix any gaps in prerequisites for classes I want to take my senior year.”

— Paige Kirchner

     Although the course picked by students must be finalized and submitted as soon as possible, there is still some wiggle room in terms of changing classes. Students will have to make an appointment with their counselor to add or drop any classes before the end of the year, but with classes filling up and programs reaching their capacities it comes down to  case by case review of the courses a student picks to see what counselors are able to realistically change. However, advisors hope to get be able to set in stone next year’s courses for all underclassmen.


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